Saturday, January 1, 2011

Diablo / Allicyn

On December 26th I said goodbye to my latest foster dog, a rollicking teenage Doberman mix with the ironic name of "Diablo." Diablo was a sweetheart, an honest and true soul who loved toys more than life itself. He has a great home now, living the good life with two human sisters of his own.

With a new year comes a new foster dog... Allicyn. Allicyn is about 14-18 months old, and was picked up as a stray. Honestly, we know nothing more about her. She's skinny, she's adorable and she's looking for a dobe-savvy home that will love her and care for her forever. It looks like she's had puppies somewhat recently, which is sad because she's still a puppy herself. I imagine that is also the reason why she's lacking in the fat department.

Goodbye 2010, Goodbye Diablo...

Hello 2011, Hello Allicyn!

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