Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do you believe in Miracles?

I'm probably a little late to the party by blogging about this now, but I didn't want to say much until I had some good news to help temper the bad. This is the same organization that my husband and I volunteer and foster for... we're on our third IDR+ foster dog... but that is neither here nor there. This blog entry isn't about Allicyn today.

Two days ago, Illinois Doberman Rescue pulled this dog out of a shelter. He was alive, but just barely. Animal Control had found him abandoned in an alley - he was so cold that his temperature didn't even register. Something about him said, "don't give up on me" - and luckily our volunteers heard him.

Instead of euthanasia, this 33lb shadow of a Doberman was rushed to an IDR vet in Joliet, Illinois for emergency treatment. The extent of his emaciated condition is horrifying - when we first got him, his head was so sunken in that his eyes weren't even visible. You could see every bone in his body, including neck vertebrae. To insert an IV, the vet actually had to cut into his neck.

Here's his intake photo. Be warned... it's probably one of the most upsetting images you will ever see.

His name is Miracle.

As of noon today, Miracle's temperature is up to 100.2 degrees and his weight is up to 48lbs. He's lifting his head, he's eating on his own, he's improving. Radiographs show that he has a pellet in him, as well as a mess of wire... which I interpret to mean 1.) he was shot by someone, and 2.) he was so hungry he ate metal wire. But whatever horrors are in Miracles past, whatever unkindness he has known... he's safe with us now, and he wants so desperately to live and be loved.

Here's Miracle a mere two days after his rescue. He is a testament to the resiliency and strength of the world's most honest and true creature, the Dog. It also goes to show that when people from all walks of life join together to do good, Miracles do happen.

While Miracle is received an avalanche of support, he needs all the help he can get. His veterinary bills are going to be astronomical. If you would like to help Miracle (or any of the other special and needy dogs that the volunteers of IDR have opened their arms and hearts to) visit the website (click here) and donate via the Paypal button below Miracle's story. If you prefer to send a check, you may send it to Illinois Doberman Rescue, PO Box 435, Barrington IL 60011. If you want your donation to go directly to Miracle, just mention his name in Paypal notes or on your check.

I'll try to update Miracle's progress here as often as I can!

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  1. OMG! That picture is simply beyond horrifying. That poor sweetheart. People make me want to barf. We're sending healing vibes to Miracle. {{{{{{{}}}}}}


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