Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shameless Plug Sunday: Cozy Coats & More

I have a problem... I buy dog stuff. I buy *lots* of dog stuff. Over the years, I've run into good sellers and bad sellers, but some products (and the people behind them) have been more awesome than others. Once a week, I plan on highlighting a company or business that has knocked my socks off - either with their quality, their compassion, their prices or their customer service... or a combination of all!

This week's shameless plug goes out to.... Pam and her jammie business, Cozy Coats & More!

My first purchase from Pam was a pair of fleece jammies for Ilsa. Ilsa was dying of cancer and had lost most of her ability to keep herself warm. Her jammies served her well, even after repeat washings.

Ilsa in her "jim jams"

A few years later (Ilsa was no longer with us, but we'd recently gotten Kaylee) Iowa had one of the coldest and most brutal winters on record. It became apparent that the dobes needed something extra to get them through the winter. I ordered from Pam again and in a few weeks I had two more sets of beautiful handmade jammies!

Kaylee in skulls, Ronin in monkeys!

Over the next two years I bought a few more pairs. Kaylee has tiger-stripes and red-plaid, Ronin has dinosaurs and green-plaid. They're extremely durable, they wash well, they can be worn for several days at a time without stretching out and let's face it - they're adorable!

Their custom plaids!

Tigers and Dinosaurs!

But then, about a week ago, I found out that I was going to be fostering a tiny little dobergirl - too small for my dobes' deep-chested jammies. I contacted Pam and asked if there was anything she could do to help me out. Roughly TEN HOURS LATER, a set of 4-legged jammies were en route, courtesy of Pam and her awesomeness!

Poor Allicyn doesn't have a scrap of fat on her body - with her short coat and body condition, she is completely defenseless against the harsh elements of Iowa. Without Pam's generosity and sense of urgency, Allicyn would probably be in misery. Instead, she's toasty and warm in her heavy-bonded purple flame fleece "jumpsuit." Thanks Pam, you're the greatest!

Allicyn in her emergency jams - thanks Pam!


  1. I just love the picture of Kaylee and Ronin in their matching plaid!

  2. If I ever have a dog without a double coat I will definitely be getting some jammies from Pam!


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