Monday, January 17, 2011

An Update on Miracle

Miracle's story is spreading like wildfire.

Most of the response has been positive, but it stings a bit when the only thing some people can say is, "He doesn't have much of a chance, even if he starts eating it'll shock his system and he'll die anyway... wouldn't it make more sense to put time, money and effort into a dog that is readily adoptable?"

I'd like to address, in my own opinion, why we're trying to save him. Miracle has shown a strong will to live ever since our volunteer first saw him. Even when he was so cold that his temperature didn't register, when his head was so sunken that his eyes weren't visible, he was still trying to eat a bit of food from our volunteer's hands. You don't give up on a dog like that, not when the dog is fighting so hard for his life.

And he's getting better, he's improving every day. Trust me, if he was a lost cause we wouldn't be stringing him along. And whatever attention Miracle is bringing to our rescue is also helping our other dogs. Miracle isn't the only rough case we have right now... we have an American Bulldog named Logan who is also extremely emaciated. We just finished rehabilitating a deaf dog (pointer x pit bull?) named Tumaini, who was so emaciated that she had huge pressure sores on her hips.

Sure, we could be putting our time, money and resources towards other dogs, but feeding a poor dog isn't "heroics" - it's simply the right thing to do. So the next time you think it's "not worth it" to offer a starving dog a warm bed and some food, think about Miracle. Think about how much he has improved with a week of food, warmth and compassion.

As of today, Miracle no longer needs his IV. He is eating, pooping (hooray for poo!) and he took five steps on his own. Aren't you glad we haven't given up on him?


  1. What an awesome update!! And poo on the naysayers! I can't believe how different his head looks in such a short time. GO Miracle, GO!!!

  2. Never give up!!!
    Thank you for shaRING!


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