Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We frequently play silly pranks on the dogs. They don't mind, really!

Jayne's Mask

I should probably explain this before I dive right into the photos - otherwise it would probably just look like abuse. My husband bought me a gigantic stuffed dog for Valentine's Day. This thing was huge, folks... nearly five feet long! We knew we wouldn't be able to keep it, so we decided to let the dogs tear it apart after a few days. True to form, Jayne demolished it in about an hour - and he did a bang-up job of it. First he pulled all the stuffing out, then he ripped the dog's head from its body.

My husband saw this as a "silly prank" opportunity. As I got the camera ready, husband called Jayne over and pulled the fabric scraps over Jayne's head.

"LOLZ wut are you putting on my head?!? Why is it dark in here?!?"

"Hee hee hee I can't see anything... why are you laughing?!?"

"OMG something is on my head! Quick, gotta get it off HAHA!"

"Hey cool, the room is all bright again!"

"Aaah! Wutz this thing around my neck?!?"

"I'M A DAWG, RUFF RUFF RUFF! I forgot what I was doing!"

Derp. Derp indeed.

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