Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

This is not news. I'm not the first (or the last) person to talk about the gigantic snowstorm making its way across the country right now... but since I'm effectively stranded, there's nothing else to do. Might as well make the best of it.

As of 9:00om tonight, we are officially snowed in.

Even if I wanted to go somewhere, it would be impossible - the roads have been deemed impassable and have been closed. Here's proof! I put a little Doberman on the map to show our general location. My workplace is located in the little blue rectangle to the west.

I decided that going to work today was futile. When one lives in the boonies, it is wise to think ahead. So instead of puttering away on a computer at work, I puttered away on a computer here at home. I also caught up on chores and took the dogs outside to see them play in the quickly growing snowdrifts in the backyard.

This photo was from this morning, around 11:30am. The drifts were just forming, and none of the dogs had any idea what the next few hours would bring!

At around 9:00pm, I decided to venture outside to see the drifting. The road in front of the house was nearly indistinguishable from the ditches that flank either side, and the howling wind carried the snow like it was sand. Definitely a 9.5 on the Eerie Scale. I snapped a few photos, not very good but it's hard to photograph a blizzard on a moonless night. Our neighbor's mastiff crossed the road while I was out there, which helps with scale I suppose.

I'd soon had enough of the wind forcing snow shards under my shirt, so I decided it was time for a late dinner. I'll spare you the photos of that, since apparently it's impossible to get an appealing photograph of soup that looks like cat barf. (Green Lentil & Bacon, yum!)

For dessert... Mini Eggs, perfectly melted. I decided to pull out a sushi plate for the occasion. I tried eating them with chopsticks, but that ended up being far too messy.

So until tomorrow, stay safe! Stay warm! Don't go anywhere if you don't have to!

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  1. Stay warm... it looks SO COLD there!

    I'm definitely going to pick up a bag of those eggs and try your melting idea. I've never done that before!


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