Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why are you still here?

I never dreamed we'd still have Allicyn, but she's been here nearly three months. She's a great dog... I know there has to be someone out there looking for a dog like Alli.

But she's still here.

Alli is a great fit for our household. I know we're not the only home on the planet that can handle Alli. I know there's someone out there that needs this dog just as much as she needs them. Unfortunately she's a bit "rough around the edges" and that seems to scare people off. Since her bio on the rescue's website is a bit short, I'll do an extended biography here. Maybe this will help Alli's person discover her.

Reason #1 to Love Alli: She's a lovebug.
If you want a dog that will greet you enthusiastically when you come home home (or just come out of the bathroom!) then Alli is your gal. When she hasn't seen you for awhile, she will gambol around you, smiling and making happy little whining sounds. She'll follow you around like a shadow. When you're on the sofa she'll jump up and try to burrow under the blankets - which is great in the wintertime because she's like a mini-furnace! And kisses.... if you ask for kisses, she's got plenty to share.

Reason #2 to Love Alli: She's a great house dog.
Some dogs can't be trusted to behave in the house... Alli is not one of those dogs. She doesn't explore coat pockets or countertops, she doesn't chew shoes or furniture, she doesn't knock items off the table. When left to her own devices in the house she just curls up on the sofa and goes to sleep. I have left her loose when I've had to make short trips to the grocery store and I've always come home to everything in its place. She's also quiet - she barks occasionally but she never makes a nuisance of herself and isn't a whiner.

Reason #3 to Love Alli: She's clean.
Alli doesn't have accidents in the house or in her crate. She's one of the cleanest dogs I've ever met, and she can "hold it" for a full workday. Some female dogs have problems with urinary incontinence... Alli does not.

Reason #4 to Love Alli: She is drop-dead gorgeous.
All dogs are beautiful, but Alli is truly breathtaking... especially for a rescue. Her color is rich and dark, her markings are nice, her eyes are dark and her ears are about as correct and beautiful as you could ever ask for. She has a nice straight topline and decent enough angles. Her head is pretty and her expression is extremely pleasing. Her beauty holds its own against my own show dogs!

Reason #5 to Love Alli: She's great with other dogs.
Alli plays rough, but she gets along with dogs of all different sizes, ages and breeds. She has a great time with the 25lb Corgis and has a blast with the 65-90lb Dobermans. She'll play hard outside, then come inside and relax on the sofa in a big pile of her canine friends.

I know, I know - she sounds like the perfect dog. However, there are some things you should know about our little red Alli-gator before you decide to break into my home and doggy-nap her. These shouldn't be dealbreakers, but so often a rescue dog's "rough edges" are seen as permanent, unconquerable obstacles that immediately knock a dog out of the running for a new home.

Pause for Thought #1: She doesn't like everyone she meets.
Some dogs have never met a stranger... Alli is not one of those dogs. It takes her awhile to warm up to people - usually overnight for women, but up to three weeks for men. She has to get to know you first before she decides to share her love. Rest assured, she will come around eventually - but it'll take time.

Pause for Thought #2: She does not like cats. AT ALL.
Don't assume you'll be able to make it work with Alli and cats. I know several dogs that aren't cat-safe, and Alli is worse around cats than any of those other dogs. We have two cats, and before I get Alli out I make sure they're locked in another room - it's the only way for them to all coexist.

Pause for Thought #3: She has extremely high prey drive.
Cats, squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks... none are safe around the Alli-gator. On walks, she will bark at little fuzzies and attempt to give chase. (This negative could also be a positive though - she'd be a great coursing dog, and the AKC now offers a coursing instinct title! UKC offers coursing titles to all breeds.)

Pause for Thought #4: She requires obedience training.
Not really a negative, since obedience is fun - but I suppose this could be a drawback for some people. She's not 100% trained, she still needs work.

I made a point of having less cons than pros. Because when you adopt a rescue dog, the good always outweighs the bad. Give Alli a chance and you'll learn this firsthand.


  1. You know, her "cons" would be no big deal here. I have a hound here that took over a year to warm up to my husband and one that took a year and a half to warm up to anyone other than Justin and I. So, slow to warm up is NO big deal. Only 1 of my 5 hounds are cat safe and 2 of them are so high prey that anything under 30 lbs isn't safe loose with them. I obviously have nothing against obedience training either.

    The more I learn about her the more I am in love with her. I think that she would actually fit in with my crew quite well. I wish I could adopt her.

  2. Oh Shannon, if you were within IDR's adoption radius I'd be driving her to your house TONIGHT - you have the idea home for Alli!

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  4. Had some typos that bothered me. *blush*

    If I was in their radius I would very seriously consider adopting her. I don't need another dog (especially financially) but she's stolen my heart.

    Have you considered marketing her to Greyhound folks? A lot of Grey experienced people won't bat an eye at her quirks because they are similar to so many of our beloved hounds. I know that I have placed a lot of Greys with Dobes.

  5. Should we link this to her bio?

  6. I second appealing to Greyhound people. She sounds a lot like one in many regards.

    And she is just beautiful.


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