Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miffed! At the Obedience Trial

My friend Aryn and I spent last weekend at the ICDOC obedience trial in Amana, Iowa. First I must officially congratulate Aryn and her Siberian Husky Ruby on their new CD and RN titles - way to go, ladies!

Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to share something that happened on Sunday that had both of us completely confused and a tiny bit offended. I was watching Aryn and Ruby in Novice A Obedience when I was approached by a woman I didn't know. The conversation went like this:

Strange Woman: "I saw you wearing a Doberman shirt yesterday."
Me: "Um... yep!"
Strange Woman: "And why aren't you showing them this weekend?"
Me: "Oh... because they're not trial-ready."
Strange Woman: "So we should expect to see you showing them soon?"
Me: "Sure, maybe in a few months... but it'll probably be my friend actually showing them." (I pointed at Aryn in the ring doing a fantastic job with Ruby)
Strange Woman: (suddenly angry) "WELL, we'll just leave it at that then!" (she stormed away)
Me: ..... O.o

Okay, yes. I'll admit it. Aryn is going to be training and titling Kaylee for me, but it's not because I'm a slacker. We have several reasons for doing this - Aryn would like to train and title other dogs for experience, and competitive obedience is not my forte. I feel at home in the conformation ring, but ask me to do a heeling pattern at an actual trial and I'd probably vomit on the judge... and that would not be good for anyone!

What had me confused (and a bit offended) was that I was made to feel bad about my decisions concerning my dogs' obedience careers. Who knows - maybe I could have had some sort of medical problem that made me unable to show my own dog. Maybe my dog does better with someone other than me handling her. The point is, there are countless reasons why someone may elect to have someone else title their dog, and those reasons don't have to be explained to everyone. And that woman I met at the obedience trial would have had no way of knowing my motivations for not getting out there with my own dogs.

Okay, I promise I won't whine in my next entry! I just had to get that off my chest!


  1. Maybe she was sniffing around for some clients to show herself? Was she maybe a handler?

  2. How unbelievably strange!

    And I didn't know you could title a dog that wasn't your own! Cool!


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