Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ronin isn't invincible anymore.

Ronin has been acting "off" for weeks now. We thought it was just old age, then we thought it was related to the cold spell we've been having. Then I went online and scared myself into thinking it was osteosarcoma.

To alleviate my anxiety, I took him to the vet for a bunch of tests. The good news is.... it isn't cancer.

The bad news is... it's Grade 1, Type II Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVD.) I know it sounds bad, but it's actually not a huge deal. He'll have to be on crate rest for the next month, he'll have to go on some supplements and he won't be able to wear collars anymore.

He's in an expen instead of a crate - he spins in crates so he's much calmer and quieter in an expen. We're putting him back on Duralactin and adding an omega fatty acid supplement. If needed, we'll also add a glucosamine/chondroitin and MSM supplement.

He's not allowed to do a lot of stairs. He can wear collars but he shouldn't, since it's second nature for people to grab a collar to restrain/direct a dog and we can't have any of that going on.

So for now, we're in a holding pattern. His supplements should show up in a few days, and the poor boy has enough tramadol to ensure smooth sailing for awhile.

Still, he looks pretty good for an 8.5 year old dog with IVD.

...and I'm just happy it's not cancer.


  1. Glad Ronin is already starting the healing process. Yes Ronin looks wonderful for a 8.5 year old dog!!!!

  2. Yay not cancer! Ronin's a superhero. He does NOT look his age. Much younger. Will be be going naked, or can he wear something like a comfortable harness for restraint purposes?

  3. Not sire, Alli - we tried having him wear the Webmaster harness all night, but it bothered him... so we're back to the drawing board. We need a good harness that won't irritate him.

  4. I'm glad you figured out what was wrong! I can't say we've ever diagnosed a Dobe with IVD, but we certainly diagnose a lot of Doxies with it!

    Go easy on yourself, Ronin!


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