Monday, April 18, 2011

The Unofficial Naming of the Crayons

This weekend I drove to Rock Falls, Illinois to pick up our newest foster. Fortunately for me, Kaylee and her puppies are a mere 10 minutes south of Rock Falls! They are three weeks old, eyes are open and their personalities are beginning to show.

Yellow Girl is a tough one! The instant she saw me, she let out a cute little Grrrr. Once she realized Kaylee liked me, she decided to stop growling at me and proceeded to growl at her littermates! She actually was really sweet once she stopped the Stranger Danger thing. There are lots of great yellow crayons out there, but I think Lemon Lime Zing fits her the best!

Purple Girl is a fairly middle-of-the-road puppy. She's sweet but not terribly bold. She'll be a great girl when she grows up, which is why I'm really hoping she ends up being called Sugar Plum or I'm Mauvelous!

Red Girl is hilarious! She's active, she's goofy, she loves to be the center of attention. If you aren't paying attention to her, she's doing something to get you to focus on her. She seems to really like her littermates, and I didn't see her ever try to pick on them. I've been calling her Atomic Tangerine since she was born!

Red Boy is a lovebug! He's probably my favorite boy in the litter, cute as a button and so, so sweet. He's a momma's boy and spent most of his time cuddling with Kaylee. Tentatively hoping his name will be Yosemite Campfire.

Green Boy is sleepy, sleepy dude! I was there from 8:30am to 4:30pm, and all this boy did was sleep, sleep, sleep. Wake up, poke sister, go back to sleep. He must be growing! Since I know his co-breeder will veto the name Alien Armpit, I'm going to push for Magic Mint or Wintergreen Dream for this boy.

Blue Boy is a big bruiser, and he knows it! He likes to chomp on his littermates' heads, and he teams up with Yellow to bully the others. He is an active, energetic adventurer and can almost climb out of the whelping box already, which is why I want to name him after the color Wild Blue Yonder.

And how is Kaylee, you ask? She's doing great! I was able to dremel her nails pretty far back (which should alleviate my recurring nightmares about getting her back with talons!) and she's being a very good mom. She loves her puppies, but she still loves me more... which made me feel pretty darn special. For Kaylee to choose me over these cuties gave my ego a much-needed boost! And the feeling is mutual - as adorable and sweet as these puppies are, I still love my Kaylee most of all.


  1. You picked the cutest pics to post! What a gorgeous litter, and mommy...wowza!

  2. AAAAH! Puppies, I loooooove looooove loooove puppybreath. Enjoy them as long as you have them with you. What a beautiful mommy.


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