Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet Katie!

What do no-bake cookies, flipping a light switch and Katie have in common? They're all easy!

Katie is our newest foster - a twelve year old pit bull that spent the last eleven years sitting in a shelter. IDR+ pulled her in hopes of finding her a real home. She's a little unsteady on her feet sometimes, but she's still got a ton of spirit and is enjoying living in a real home.

She's the easiest dog in the house. She spends most of the time snoozing in front of her little fan, lurching after tennis balls in the yard and splashing around in the kiddie pool. She's quiet, housebroken and indifferent towards the other animals in the house. We've been told that she gets jealous of other dogs though, so she'd be best as an "only child."

If you are looking for a great old lady to adopt, please consider Katie. She's no spring chicken, but she's got the typical resilient APBT personality - nothing rains on this girl's parade.

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  1. Oh man, 11 years in the shelter? Thank you guys for giving her a comfy bed and a chance at a real home. It' so hard to see the older ones suffer, and now her world is looking up.


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