Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Hunters

Our cats are extremely valuable members of the family. They spend most of their time in the basement, eating bugs and keeping the dogs in line. Their most valuable skill, however, is something we'd never expected from them.

My husband has always had a bad habit of removing the dogs' collars and leaving them in random places around the house. Around this time last year, Revy was wearing a twilight-blue White Pine collar - slender, very dark in color and extremely smooth. I had been on my way down to take a shower when I saw what I thought was the collar, carelessly dropped just inside the back door. Without thinking, I reached down and grabbed it, only to discover that it was not Revy's collar.

It was a dead snake.

Don't get me wrong - I actually like snakes. Our pet python is more than four feet long and as thick as a Twinkie... but wild snakes are not welcome in my house! Luckily, Jacques and Pierre had done a very good job of dispatching the little bugger.

Thus began the cats' calling in life.

The 'snake season' has started here in central Iowa, and the cats have killed two snakes in the last week. They kill them with fierce precision, then leave them on the basement stoop so I'll see (or step) on them first thing in the morning. I don't know how they're getting in, but I can rest easy knowing Jacques and Pierre are on Snake Patrol.

(Jacques above, Pierre below)

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