Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shameless Plug Sunday: Schreiner's Herbal Solution

Years ago an old dog show person clued me in on Schreiner's Herbal Solution. She used it on her diluted Dobermans to keep their skin and coat healthy for the show ring. She gave me a sample bottle, and soon I was placing my order on a big bottle of my own!

That bottle lasted for years. In fact, I'd still have it if it hadn't been ruined in the 2010 Iowa floods. Fast forward to a few weeks ago- Jayne developed a pesky case of hives that I couldn't manage to cure using conventional methods. I tried several different types of shampoos and topical sprays, including a few prescription products I had lying around. Nothing worked. Jayne still looked like crap.

As a last resort, I ordered a new bottle of Schreiner's. It shipped quickly, and within 48 hours the hives were completely gone. The special blend of aloe vera, comfrey, myrhh, cayenne and elder has a pleasant medicinal smell - though it's guaranteed to make you sneeze when it's first applied! In fact, my husband calls it "Sneeze Juice" for that very reason.

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