Saturday, July 23, 2011

And then there were Three.

I'm sure most of you have noticed that the group photo is missing a dog. The truth is, Ada has gone to live with my husband's parents... permanently.

Ada has always been the 'odd duck out' here. Most of the time that was okay - we dealt with her idiosyncrasies, and kept her out of the way of the other dogs for the most part.

But recently her aggression issues - both with the other dogs and with humans - had escalated. She attacked Revy while she was asleep on the sofa, she'd try to start scuffles with Jayne, and Kaylee was her Undesirable Number One. After a few pretty serious altercations, including the attack on Revy, several attempts to bite me, and a Kaylee/Ada fight that left my husband with several wounds of his own, we decided to send Ada to the in-laws to have a "time out" for awhile.

Ada adores them. She grew up in their house, under their care. She doesn't have issues at their house, it's like she's a different dog when she's there. After a few days, they asked if they could keep her.

We said yes.

I'm sure some people would disagree with our decision. But it's important to remember that not all dogs work in all situations, and sometimes doing best by a dog means placing them in a different environment. We didn't dump Ada in a shelter, we didn't turn her into rescue - she's still in the family, and we will be able to visit her often. She's happy, and she's where she's supposed to be. And that's good news.

So here's the pack now - two dobes and a corgi. Will we add a fourth? Maybe. If we add a fourth, we're going to be extremely selective. As it stands, our Three Musketeers are happier than they've been in months, and we've got a very harmonious pack dynamic now.


  1. i'm glad you found such a great solution for Ada, the pack and you :o)

  2. Sometimes it's hard to put our human expectations aside and do what's right by the dog... kudos to you for putting her first.


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