Thursday, July 21, 2011

Technology vs. Brain

My otherwise delightful Chevrolet HHR has a problem. Something is wrong with its tire pressure sensors. The cheery dashboard display says the left-front tire is 27psi... when really, it's 38psi. It says the left-rear tire is 41psi... when actually, it's 36psi.

According to the mechanic, the sensors either need to be reprogrammed ($20) or replaced ($150 per sensor.) If all it takes is a simple reprogramming, then I'll have them do it. But if they expect me to pay $150 for each broken sensor, I will refuse. I will refuse with gusto.

I don't need to pay $150-$600 for my car to tell me information that I can gather - by myself - for free. I will do what my dad taught me to do when I was five years old. I will unscrew the valve cap, pull out my $7.50 tire gauge and check the tire pressure myself. That costs nothing.

Come on, folks - do we really need to be loading down our vehicles with useless (and expensive) pieces of technology? Do we really want to put ourselves on the road to becoming helpless flubber-people like in the movie Wall-E?

*fist pump*

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