Monday, August 15, 2011

The Eighth Character

My husband and I love zombies. Zombie movies, zombie TV shows, zombie video games... heck, I've even been coveting this zombie hooded sweatshirt for months! My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead, my favorite mainstream video game is Dead Rising, and I'm fully intending on intentionally glutening myself when ZombieBurger opens in Des Moines.

So when Steve heard about a zombie anime series, he couldn't resist buying it. We usually make a night of it when we get a new piece of zombie media, so tonight we geared up (with homemade pizza, cake and shirley temples) to watch High School of the Dead.

I'm not entirely sure what to say about it, especially since I know my family (and probably some of my elementary school teachers) read this blog.

Hm. *scratches head, looks around*

Well, let's put it this way. You know how most zombie movies follow the same basic character model? Like, four to six main (human) characters, and the zombies are basically the fifth character? Yeah.... in High School of the Dead, there are six human characters, the zombies are the seventh character... but there is an eighth character. Boobs. Each female character is defined by their own unique set. Size correlates with intelligence - the bigger they are, the dumber and more helpless the character seems to be. The largest set belongs to a doctor, which begs the question, 'how did she make it through medical school?'

Some of them have sound effects. I am not joking. The doctor has her own soundtrack that follows her wherever she goes. I bet the zombies can hear it from a mile away, and I began to wonder why they hadn't eaten her within the first twenty minutes.

After about an hour of this mess, Steve and I looked at each other sheepishly - this was getting out of hand. Still chuckling, we turned off High School of the Dead and switched to something with less cleavage... Zombieland. Oh Woody Harrelson, you make everything better.

PS - I tried to find a still image of High School of the Dead - without boobies - that I'd feel safe putting on this blog. Couldn't find one. So here's Woody Harrelson preparing to smash a zombie in the head with a banjo. Zombieland to the rescue, yet again.

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