Saturday, August 20, 2011

Walking at Gray's Lake

I've been walking at Gray's Lake recently. For those of you who don't live in central Iowa, Gray's Lake is a man-made lake in downtown Des Moines with a great walking path - exactly two miles, so it's easy to know how far you've walked. It's actually quite entertaining, especially since you get to people-watch while you walk. And let me tell you... there are some weird people in the city of Des Moines! It can get a bit creepy later in the evening, but with a Doberman at my side I never feel unsafe.

I'm averaging three laps - so six miles total - per day. I'd like to get up to four or five laps, but that will be easier when the temperatures mellow out. I like to alternate dogs so each one gets equal walk-time. Since it's a busy park, walking all three would probably be difficult and a bit inconsiderate to the other people.

Yesterday I did six miles with Jayne. Today I did four miles with Kaylee and Revy. Tomorrow I'd like another six to eight miles, but I need better socks - my feet hurt after all this walking!

We also dunk the dogs in the lake. Sometimes they jump in on their own... and sometimes they just like to chill out in the cool water. Aryn was able to capture this adorable photo of Kaylee in the lake last week:

Because I have no life, I may start doing "Grays Reports" which will include distance walked, dogs in attendance and crazy people we encountered. Or I may not. I suppose it depends on if I have anything more interesting to say.

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