Thursday, September 29, 2011

Belated Agility Photos

Our internet has been spotty over the past few weeks, so these photos should have gone up amost a week ago. Last Saturday I worked the Agility trial at Jester Park, and Lori was kind enough to let me shirk my duties for awhile and get some photos. Here are some of my favorites. Keep in mind this is the same building that I complained about in February - horrible lighting conditions and very fast dogs make for an interesting photographic experience.

All four paws off the ground!

(This is Phoenix from Exercised Finished fame)

This is Stevie - she is from the same breeder that Revy came from. They're somehow related.

(Stevie again)

Wicked shot of Schema on the teeter... this dog was crazy fast.

More photos to come... in October!

52 Weeks of Dogs: 37/52, Square Frame

"Walking Dad"

Yes, another sepia-tone photo. I can't help it if they always look good when processed like this! Anyway... this is Aero (Ch. Beachcliff Aerostotle Shadow Demon CDX RN OA NAJ NAP XF FMP) with his son Teaser. Pretty freaking adorable, if you ask me.

Friday, September 23, 2011


I haven't had much to talk about recently, and for that I apologize. Everything I've wanted to say as of late have been "one liners" or topics I didn't think anyone would care about or understand. Eventually, enough one-liners can be made into an actual blog post. Enjoy.

Do you ever have a meal that tastes so good, you don't want to eat it? Because if you eat it, eventually it'll disappear and then your taste buds will be sad?

Why do most men over 70 say wieners instead of hotdogs? It cracks me up every time I'm told I should go get some pungent wieners because they're better than Charlee Bears.

You know when you walk into the bathroom at work, and there are 3-4 occupied stalls but no one is... you know... going? Yeah, I hate that. It's awkward.

The best part about fall is that I can use my long sleeves to open doors in public places.

I was called one of "those people" at Target last night. Steve and I were buying cheap blankets because they were on sale for $4. The cashier asked us why we were buying so many, and we told her that we used them for the dogs. She asked how many dogs we had. We said three, plus a foster. That's when she said, "Ohhh, you're one of those people." I wasn't sure if she was judging us in a positive way or a negative way.

You know what would cheer me up? A messenger bag.

If I ask a question via email, please email me back with an answer. Don't leave me hanging.

I wish there was a completely comprehensive free online travel planner, but there is no such thing. I'm getting frustrated having to use several different websites to plan one roadtrip.

Have you ever seen a street name and instantly got the feeling that one of the houses on that street is haunted? I can't explain it, but yesterday at work I saw an address in Pennsylvania, and all of a sudden a chill went down my spine. Yep. Haunted.

Use at least one of these phrases this weekend: "Hasta La Pasta" "You're the boss, Applesauce" "You're the Bomb Dot Com" "Peace Out, Boy Scout" See how people react. I bet they'll smile, and you'll smile too.

A few nights ago, I had a dream that Steve got me an interview for a job at Prairie Meadows. I would serve macaroni and cheese and would be paid $40,000 annually. The catch? My salary would never increase, and I had to stay there forever - unless they fired me. The interview was in the women's bathroom at People's Church in Cedar Rapids IA. I stood outside, trying to figure out if I really wanted this macaroni job - if it was really worth it. The interviewer stuck his head out of the bathroom and asked if I needed any help... I said No and ran away.

Sometimes the toilets at work go haywire. They flush automatically, but sometimes they won't stop flushing for 10-15 minutes. Pure entertainment.

If you want to experience something in life, get out there and do it. Stop making excuses, and stop feeling sorry for yourself if you don't do anything to make it happen. The world isn't going to stop moving to wait for you... it's got a lot of momentum.

Steve says I need to end this blog post with a photo of a moustached Revy wearing a jaunty hat.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Dogs: 36/52, Where's Waldo

"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

I know, I know - I'm a week behind again. I keep forgetting about the weekly challenge, and I'm not finding it challenging because no one is giving me limitations anymore. Anyway, can you spot the sheep in this photo?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

52 Weeks of Dogs: 35/52, New Friends


Jayne made a new friend today. Usually we hike with Aryn's Doberman Rocket, but this time Aryn brought Allie. I'm beginning to realize that Jayne instantly falls in love with every dog he meets, which is a welcome change to what I'm used to dealing with in male Dobermans. You're a winner, Jayne!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Do Not Touch.

Picture this - you and your family are out at the park for a lovely picnic. You're having a great time, when suddenly you notice two people walking towards you. As they get closer, one of them squeals, "Omigosh, look at those kids! Aren't they adorable?" and they immediately surround your children. They pick up your infant daughter, pinch the cheeks of your four year old son and attempt to arm-wrestle your teenager. You do not know these people.

Would you be alarmed? Offended? Angry?

Let's continue. Horrified at what the strangers are doing, you tell them to leave your kids alone. One of them says, "oh don't worry, we're good with kids!" The other drops your baby and angrily exclaims, "Why would you even bring them to this park if we couldn't play with them? Are they little psychopaths or something?" Offended with your request to stop fondling your family, the people walk off, muttering about what an awful person you are for asking them to stop, and how your kids must be murderous little brats.

This happens to people every day - only replace the children in the above scenario... with dogs.

Since I've started walking my dogs in public more frequently, this kind of situation has become shockingly more apparent. There are five basic scenarios/characters that I've been able to identify as Dangerous:

1. The Rhetorical Question
Stranger encounters us on a walk. Stranger asks if they can pet the dogs, then immediately swoops in to pat them on the head - without waiting for an answer to their question. This is not good. People are not accustomed to being told "No" - so they assume that our answer will always be "Yes."

2. The Petting Zoo
Stranger encounters us on a walk. Without asking us if the dogs can be petted, they send their children over to "pet the doggies." When we body-block the approaching kids and tell them they can't pet the dogs, the horrified Strangers (parents) yell to their kids to get away from the "mean dogs." No - our dogs are not mean - we just don't want your kids petting them, okay?

3. The Creeper
Stranger encounters us on a walk. Stranger stares at the dogs, tries to talk to them in a weird voice, crouches down and makes funny noises - completely refusing to acknowledge the humans at the other end of the leash. As a bonus, this is usually at night. I will reiterate - our dogs are not mean - but they are protective and will react accordingly if a Stranger gives off Creeper vibes. Don't be a Creeper unless you want to get bit... or at least roared at by an angry black dog with 42 big, strong, capable teeth.

4. The Side-Stepper
Stranger encounters us on a walk. Stranger asks if the dogs are "nice." Stop beating around the bush, moron. What you really want to ask is if you can pet them. And the answer is no, you can't. But they're still nice dogs, unless of course you also fit into Scenario #3.

5. The Sneak Attack
Stranger encounters us on a walk. Stranger asks to pet the dogs, we politely say no. Stranger seemingly accepts our answer and continues on, but at the last moment reaches over and pats our dogs' butts as they walk past. Inappropriate touching! Our dogs are well socialized, but if someone swats their butts without preamble they may very well swing around and try to take a chunk out of the offending hand! Just don't do it! (This is especially common with children. Parents, if you tell your kids not to pet the doggy, be sure to enforce it. If your goal is to win the Inattentive/Ineffectual Parenting Award, letting your kid tackle a strange dog's butt after directly being told not to is a recipe for success. Here's your trophy.)


If we're walking, we're either working or exercising - please do not disturb us. It's not that our dogs are vicious beasts - it's just that our time is valuable, and we don't bring dogs to a public place so strangers and/or their kids can interact with them. If we're in conversation, please don't interrupt us. If we're trying to leave for the night, please don't block our path to our vehicles.

If I want my dogs to be petted, I'll be sure to let you know. If I'm not in the middle of something, I'm usually more than happy to let you pet my dogs - but wait until I tell them to greet you. Every interaction is a training opportunity, and my dogs have a clear cue ("Go say hi") that tells them when it's okay to interact with strangers.

And if I tell you it's not a good time for you to pet my dog, please respect that.

(On a side note - if anyone wants to pet my dogs, we'll be at the dog show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds next weekend at the Meet The Breed booth. Hope to see you there!)