Thursday, September 29, 2011

Belated Agility Photos

Our internet has been spotty over the past few weeks, so these photos should have gone up amost a week ago. Last Saturday I worked the Agility trial at Jester Park, and Lori was kind enough to let me shirk my duties for awhile and get some photos. Here are some of my favorites. Keep in mind this is the same building that I complained about in February - horrible lighting conditions and very fast dogs make for an interesting photographic experience.

All four paws off the ground!

(This is Phoenix from Exercised Finished fame)

This is Stevie - she is from the same breeder that Revy came from. They're somehow related.

(Stevie again)

Wicked shot of Schema on the teeter... this dog was crazy fast.

More photos to come... in October!

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