Monday, October 3, 2011

My (Temporary) Pet Werewolf

Before anyone starts wondering, Katie the pit bull went to a new foster home over the weekend. Her spirit is sound and her mind is sharp, but her body is quite old so navigating the hardwood floors and stairs in our home proved difficult for her. The decision was made to move her elsewhere so she wouldn't fall down as much.

In exchange, we got Autumn. She's listed on the IDR+ website as Bella, but when she first came to our rescue she was called Autumn. She responds better to Autumn, so that's what we've decided to call her. She was adopted from IDR+ at 5ish months of age, but found her way back to us due to her previous adopters not having enough time for her. She's 14 months old, shy but sweet, and about as unique as you could ever ask for - after all, she's a coated Doberman!

She's... fuzzy. Her odd coat is not entirely soft, but not like a brillo pad either. The longest fur is on her ears, elbows and back. She does have thinner hair in some places since she is still a fawn, but her longer fringes make her look unique and adorable. Several people have commented that she looks like a werewolf, and I have to agree. Her unique looks are supernaturally awesome!

Usually I don't mingle fosters for a week or two, but I had a hunch that our other dogs would help bring Autumn out of her shell. I was right. She's great with other dogs, and it's obvious that Jayne is the canine equivalent of the kid that always volunteers to show new students around the school on their first day. He's such a great dog - he spent most of the evening following her around, and making her feel like she could be his buddy. Security Blanket Jayne, I guess.


  1. She is absolutely adorable and unique! I'm sure someone will grab her up and provide an awesome home.

  2. I am a sucker for coated dogs from smooth coated breeds. There's a long haired Weim in my training class who is simply stunning.


    Leah, she is SO cute!!! More pics are desperately needed. And more blogging about her. I think I'm in love. (But Middie does *not* need a new sister.)


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