Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Buck My Life.

As of 6pm tonight, I am officially an Iowan. I can't believe it took me thirteen years of driving to gain my full Iowan citizenship.

I hit a deer with my car.

Before you ask, yes - everyone is okay. Everyone but the deer, that is.

If I'd hit it with an arrow or a bullet, I'd imagine my dearly departed grandfather would be very proud of my "bag." It was a big, robust-looking buck with a huge rack - I'm talking "decapitate that thing and stick it on the wall" huge. I can only imagine he's gone to the big cornfield in the sky, judging by how hard I hit him and how much of him was left on my passenger-side fender.

This sort of thing just happens in Iowa. Apparently November is the worst month for car-deer collisions, since Daylight Savings aligns the "commuting traffic" time with the "deer going about their bizniz" time. Yet another reason why I hate Daylight Savings.

I don't think the HHR is in too bad of shape. Luckily it has huge retro-looking fender things, and that's the only part of the car that seems to be damaged. If I'd been driving any other car, the hood, windshield and possibly the passenger-side door would be majorly messed up right now. Who knows, maybe Mr. Buck would have come through my windshield. You know what, let's not think about that. That's not a happy thought. We'll keep things positive, and say that my HHR did an excellent job of keeping me not dead.

Hopefully the auto-body shop has good news for me tomorrow. Either way, I'm guessing I'll be forking over my $500 comprehensive deductible. Hooray. I don't think I'll be buying any Christmas gifts this year. Thanks, Mr. Buck. You ruined Christmas.


  1. That is the one thing I dread the most, hitting a deer with the car. It's the least thing you want, but there are sooooo many of them out here. They literally wander into the street and expect you to stop.
    I've never seen so many deers within a city not being scared of people. In Germany they run as soon as they smell you. You barely, ever get to see a deer and it's very different from over here. They don't even bother to look up or walk away... it's a very new experience and I just hope that I won't hit one. Ever!!!

  2. That's really good that the HHR held up, and that you didn't have any dogs in the car! Definitely ouch on having to pay the deductible, though- too bad deer aren't forced to have their own insurance policies :(


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