Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hodgepodge 4.0

When I was little, I thought the part in AC/DC's song Dirty Deeds was "Thunder Chief" instead of "done dirt cheap." I like my version better.

One time I ate so many grapes that I started hallucinating, lost all sense of direction and vomited on my great aunt. It was hilarious, in a distinctly horrifying and embarrassing way.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On totally made my day. Thanks Mandy - hugs to you!

My car should be done late this week. Or possibly early next week. New fender, new wheel-well, possibly new bumper, and new hood. Antler damage. Excellent.

I'm beginning to miss having a foster dog in the house. I won't lie - it's a lot easier not having one - but I miss helping. This is probably brought on by the sad fact that Katie is at The Bridge now. Poor girl had a great 9 months, but I'll forever be sad that she never got her "forever home." It was nice to have known you, Mulberry Girl...

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  1. Oh no, what happened to Katie? Poor girl :( RIP sweet baby


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