Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Hunter Jacques

This probably makes me certifiably crazy, but sometimes I invent conversations. Often these conversations are with the dogs and/or cats. This is a particularly good one from this evening.

"Actually yes, I did slay the beast with my own bare paws. Y you ask?"

"Because Pierre said you didn't."

"Well, Pierre is a liar liar cat on fire."

"But Pierre saw me take the turkey out of the plastic wrapping and hack it up for you boys."

".......... damn."

A bit of back-story. I know I've said that we feed our cats raw - but most people probably don't hack up the Thanksgiving turkey for their pets. Every year, Steve gets a free turkey from work. We've tried cooking the free turkeys, but they're tough and cheap, and never taste as good as the ol'Butterball standby. They're simply not worth the time and effort it takes to prepare them for human consumption.

I staunchly refuse to let any part of this turkey go to waste. Instead of throwing out the weight-bearing bones, I decided to toss them to the cats to pick clean. If there is a kitty heaven, Jacques and Pierre must think they've died and gone there... for they have gigantic bones to gnaw on for the next few hours.

Happy cats.

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