Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mr. Butt, and other dog show happenings.

Remember me saying that no dog show weekend is ever dull? Yeah, I've got another interesting weekend to share.

The journey began fairly well - we left on time, the weather was nice, the trip went quickly. Somehow we managed to fit four dogs, two adults and a weekend's worth of gear in the HHR... also known as the Clown Car Effect. The trick is to pack multiple small bags instead of one large bag. Also, imaginative use of bungee cords is helpful.

Saturday started badly. We were five minutes late (after a five hour drive) so Aryn missed the window for day-of-show entries. That meant that Rocket couldn't be shown at all, which obviously did not make Aryn a happy camper. Jayne finished his ALCH (Altered Champion) title in the first show with a Reserve BIS, but was beaten in the Group at the second show.

Much of the time at a UKC show is spent sitting around. Sometimes this is good, but occasionally it means hours of annoyance. This weekend we were crated next to a large group of people who had some serious "personal space" issues. They didn't respect our crating space at all - in fact, there was a point where one of them actually moved my chair so he could sit in front of Jayne's crate! I nicknamed him Mr. Butt. Why? Because it seemed like every time I'd look up, this guy's butt was less than a foot away from my face. There was even a time when he stooped over in front of me (to brush his dog) and his butt was practically in my lap. It was awful. There were probably seven or eight of them, and I probably saw more of their tushes in a weekend than their spouses see in a month.

It wasn't just the butts. They let their dogs meander into our space, walk up to our dogs' crates, and even allowed them to nose at our food. One of them actually careened into Aryn's chair while she was working on her cross-stitch, sending everything flying. He didn't even apologize until he was pinned with the parented Aryn Death Stare. I had to ask at least one of them to move every time I needed to get a dog out of a crate. It was madness!

After the Saturday shows, we enjoyed a nice meal at Outback. Our waitress was a bit "friendly" in a weird, awkward way. When I go to a restaurant, I don't need to know how many kids my waitress has birthed... though it was somewhat amusing to hear her talk about her young male coworker that had driven her to the restaurant that evening. He will be in Florida next week, if anyone is wondering. After steak and potatoes, we went home and played/tossed cheese to/loved on our friend's animals - Classic the Great Dane, Zuma the Kelpie mix, and Grover & Remi the cats. A late night trip to Petco yielded cat food, a few Kong squeaky balls, a cracked-out stuffed lion toy and this hilarious photo of Zuma:

We managed to make day-of-show entries on Sunday, but unfortunately Rocket didn't get his title this weekend. He really is a nice dog, moves like a dream, but he was a very different type than what was winning this past weekend. Jayne did well in the first show with an Altered BIS, but didn't do anything in the second show after winning the Group. We staggered to the car a bit after 6pm. We had hoped to leave earlier, but it wasn't in the cards this time. We stopped for some tacos, and as I pulled our of the restaurant parking lot Aryn said:

"Just to let you know, I might fall asleep on the way home. Don't hold it against me."

I assured her that it was fine. After inhaling the tacos, we officially started the trip home at around 6:30pm. Other than the crazy Minneapolis drivers making life difficult, the roads were fine. Once we made it out of the Twin Cities, traffic dwindled and the road was quiet. Everyone fell asleep but me. At about 8:45pm, Aryn suddenly exclaimed, "I don't understand why they're making the muffins!" I had no idea what she was talking about. So I said:


"The muffins! I don't know why they were making them."

"Who was making muffins?"

"........ the people at the dog show."

"I didn't see anyone making muffins at the dog show. Who at the show was making muffins?"

"The people making the dog t-shirts...."

"..... there were people making dog t-shirts? At the show? This weekend?"

"............ I don't knowwww!"

I didn't know what to say. Obviously Aryn had gone insane. Once again, the car was silent until about ten minutes later, when Aryn decided to say, "I think they meant muffin tops. Like on the t-shirts. But I don't know how that applies to dogs. Maybe their hair sticks out like muffin tops. I don't know."

Again, the car went silent. Fifteen minutes away from home, Jayne had diarrhea all over his crate. I was up until 1am doing laundry.

The End.


  1. I'm laughing hysterically about Aryn's "conversation" with you in the car.

  2. Oh my god that dog Zuma looks exactly like my pit/catahoula x I had years ago that was stolen from me ;_; Except without the blue eyes. I swear my heart nearly stopped! Beautiful dog!

  3. Hey Leah! Just wanted to you and Falkor and Famke are passing along the Liebster Blog Award to you over on our blog. :)


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