Thursday, December 15, 2011

What do Lady Gaga's dogs eat?

Answer: Rawww rawwww raw raw RAWWW!

I couldn't resist starting with a Lady Gaga joke.

Barring any disasters, we're switching to raw feeding in 2012. The cats already eat raw, but they are tiny animals so their food doesn't take up much room. The dogs are large, so to feed them raw we'll actually need to plan and prepare. Here's our list of required items:

1. a pickup truck capable of carrying 1300-1500lbs of meat
2. a large chest freezer
3. a large upright freezer
4. a band saw or similar meat slicing implement
5. goggles
6. an apron that won't absorb meat juices
7. a scale, possibly

Meat will come in pre-ground, 50lb, 18" x 24" x 5" slabs.
Each slab will be cut into 8 chunks.
Each chunk will be roughly 6.25lbs, which will feed my dogs for 2 days (with .25lbs to spare.)
Each slab represents roughly 16 days' worth of food.
500lbs = 10 slabs = 80 chunks = 160 days of food, with about 20lbs left over.
... that's 160 days of food (roughly 5.3 months) for $145.

Every 4-5 months, Aryn and I will drive to Wisconsin and bring back a truckload of meat. The distributor sells pre-ground raw meat to mushers and sled dog kennels, and has a proven track record of selling a quality product. Once home, I will spend the next few hours cutting up the slabs and placing it in the chest freezer in the garage. Whatever I can't fit in the chest freezer will go in the upright freezer in the basement. Then I will somehow clean the saw. Ewww. I may have to put out a broadcast to the neighborhood that I am indeed not practicing for a Hostel audition.

No, we will not have enough room to bring you any meat - if we're driving 7 hours one-way for this, you can bet that every pound we bring back will be split between our two households. If you would like to caravan up there with us, be our guest.... but please, no split requests unless you're planning on bringing your own vehicle.



  1. A raw diet is a lot more than ground beef/venison... I hope you have done your homework a little more, or are just leaving out the rest of the details

  2. Yes, we have. We're using an actual raw distributor... trust me, we're not morons. Besides, my cats already eat raw.

  3. Dear "Anonymous,"

    Did you even READ the blog? If you had, you would've seen this:

    "The distributor sells pre-ground raw meat to mushers and sled dog kennels, and has a proven track record of selling a quality product."

    Umm... yeah. Pretty sure an experienced distributor to sled dog teams is going to include bone/organ in his raw meat product.

    Have a nice day.

    P.S. Imma sign this with my real name. Cuz I'm cool like that.

    Nicki Simonson

  4. As a canine nutrition consultant, I have spoken at length with Leah and am confident that she has the knowledge necessary to properly attend to her dogs' nutritional needs.

    Dana Montero, RVT, Dip ACNS
    Beyond The Dog Consulting LLC

  5. Yo, Anonymous!

    If you are reading this post, I'd hope you might have read more of this blog, or maybe you are a friend of the author on FB or on one of the forums she follows. If you know nothing else about her, surely you know that she takes impeccable care of her pets, and is extremely knowledgeable and involved in their lives.

    Do you seriously think that she's just going to plop some ground chuck down in front of them and call it a day? Before you ask a snotty question, why don't you look around first?

    Most sincerely,
    Erica S.


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