Thursday, January 5, 2012

52 Weeks of Dogs: 1/52

I'm going to do the 52 Weeks project again, and this time I mean it. Last year our challenges fizzled out, so I didn't see the point in continuing. This year we have all 52 challenges predetermined and listed out, so there will be no fizzling!

Here are the rules for this year:
1. Main subject of the picture must be a dog but does not have to be the same dog for the entire 52 weeks
2. Pictures should be taken within the week that the theme is posted for. Not the end of the world if you took it early though, things come up, I understand!
3. Themes are open to your interpretion, but please try to stay within the themes.
4. Catching up is allowed!
5. Folders will be made at the beginning of each week, please submit pictures into that week's folder.
6. Only one picture per member per week!
This year, I'm going to keep track of my progress by including the entire year's list and marking off the ones I've done. And so it begins....

Week 1 (Jan 1-7) - Portrait

1/52 Portrait
2/52 Best Friends
3/52 Monochromatic (Greyscale)
4/52 Not So Serious
5/52 Not Supposed To Be Here
6/52 What is on me?
7/52 Will You Be Mine?
8/52 I Don't Want To Share!
9/52 Caught Red-Handed
10/52 Can we be friends?
11/52 These Are My Eyes
12/52 New Perspective on Things (Shoot from a unusual angle)
13/52 This is My Nose
14/52 Shot From the Hip
15/52 Easter!
16/52 Doppleganger
17/52 Playing Dress Up
18/52 Silhouette
19/52 Action!
20/52 Playing With Composition: Square Crop
21/52 Picture Trio! (Three pictures in a series)
22/52 Remember The Fallen
23/52 School Pictures!
24/52 This is My Tail
25/25 Show Me Some Muscles!
26/52 Turn Down the Lights
27/52 Support Your Country
28/52 Get Outside!
29/52 Those Are Some Funky Moves!
30/52 Play With Composition - 1:3 Ratio
31/52 Focus on Something Else (Shoot with your dog out of focus)
32/52 Sepia Tone
33/52 Time For a Nap
34/52 Stand on Something!
35/52 Cool It (Cool Tone)
36/52 Warm It Up! (Warm tone)
37/52 Not ok With This!
38/52 Can I Have That?
39/52 Tight Spaces
40/52 Running!
41/52 Get on the Ground! (Shoot from the ground)
42/52 Playing With Composition: Panoramic
43/52 Favorite Toy
44/52 Boo!
45/52 From Up High (Shoot from higher than your subject)
46/52 Living Life Indoors
47/52 Give Thanks
48/52 Playing With Composition - 1:1 Ratio
49/52 Exploring
50/52 These Are My Feet!
51/52 Playing With Composition - 1:5 Ratio
52/52 Happy Holidays!

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  1. I am so excited about it this year! I like that all the themes are picked out, so I can be excited about ones later down the list to keep me interested!


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