Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hodgepodge 5.0

I'm going to let my DPCA membership lapse. I've thought long and hard about it, and finally decided that I'd rather put dues money into something I'd actually take advantage of - like Mid-Iowa Working Dogs and the Des Moines Obedience Training Club. This is in no way a slight to the DPCA, but I don't have a show dog right now and won't have a show dog for a long time. Being a DPCA member didn't help me in the show ring anyway - not that I expected it to, of course. I don't know enough about the people and the politics to make logical decisions when voting for judges at Nationals, and I don't need to maintain membership to get my name listed in the breeder directory. I don't need a goodie bag at Nationals, and if I really want something changed on Dobequest I can have another member do it for me. For a long time, I've basically been paying for the privilege to say I'm a DPCA member. That doesn't make sense to me now... I've realized I don't need to be a member of the national breed club to assert myself as a "Doberman person" - and it's not like the DPCA needs me anyway.

Co-ownerships aren't always bad. I wish people would stop criticizing me for co-owning, especially since most have no idea what my co-ownerships entail. I have two co-owned dogs in my house right now, and I recently added my friend Aryn as a co-owner on Kaylee. For me, it's not about someone else telling me what I can and cannot do with my dog... it's about the breeders protecting their life's work. It's a way for me to have someone I can rely on to do right by my dog if something happens to me, and vice versa. It's a way to allow someone to be recognized for the hard work they put into a dog. With my owned-outright dogs, you can be sure that I'd be happy to co-own them with their breeders as well. Co-ownership isn't for everyone - and you shouldn't enter into a co-ownership without really knowing what you're signing up for - but that doesn't mean that everyone that co-owns is an idiot or is being taken for a ride.

If you are reprimanded for something you've done wrong, stop doing whatever it was you were doing. Don't complain, don't make snipey comments, don't whine about it. Change your behavior and move on with your life. (I put on my Captain Vague cape on this one! I love my Captain Vague cape!)

On a similar note, don't pretend to know all about a behavior if you've never actually seen it. (Swoooosh goes the Captain Vague cape!)

Wow, I've been kind of snarky through this whole Hodgepodge. Here's something positive... aren't J&J the cutest siblings you've ever seen?

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