Saturday, February 11, 2012

Don't Feed the Animal

I'm not sure why people are hellbent on feeding dogs they don't know. Usually it's harmless, albeit annoying, but if quickly becomes a serious issue when you have a dog whose life depends on only eating a certain kind of specially-prepared food.

I'm fairly certain that people think Revy is a mystical corgi genie who grants a wish for every proffered treat. Everyone tries to feed her. Is it because she's cute? Is it because she has big melodramatic corgi eyes? Is it because she doesn't look like an oversized twinkie? Whatever the reason might be, people need to stop. I've tried saying no, I've tried intercepting... nothing seems to work. I end up looking like the mean old sea-hag who is too snooty to let anyone feed her poor, skinny corgi. (Can you hear a tiny violin? That's Revy. She things everyone should give her food, all the time.)

I can't just lock my dog in some tower. She needs socialization and exercise. Earlier this week, I decided to add another tool to me arsenal:

"Pay no attention to the vest... give me yer pancakes."

I went to and bought her a Julius K9 vest with custom patches. Maybe this will get the point across. We shall see.

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