Friday, February 17, 2012

Of Titles and Ribbons and Courtesy

Of Titles

Kaylee got her RN (Rally Novice) title today. I take no credit for this, as Aryn is the one that actually showed her. She got her first two legs last weekend... it wasn't pretty, but she managed. She's the kind of dog that needs to know exactly what's going on at all times, so a crowded and noisy trial environment is difficult for her to handle. We're going to work on desensitizing her to this, but a "true" trial environment is extremely hard to duplicate.

Of Ribbons

What's up with clubs not offering title ribbons anymore? I know the little green flats are the ones that truly count, but sometimes it's nice to get something extra that says, "well done, novice handler! Keep up the good work!" I'm glad our club offers title ribbons (even if they are a bit silly looking) and I will forever fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.

Of Courtesy

Friday night is reserved for the specialties and the obedience trial. The kennel club has a rule that none of the conformation folks that are not showing on Friday cannot set up in their grooming spaces until 7pm. There is a good reason for that, folks! Obedience exhibitors pay entries too, Miss Fancy Pro Handler - that means we deserve just as much respect and consideration as you. No, you cannot bang around in your grooming space - setting up crates and tables, testing your blow dryers, etc. - while a dog is in the obedience ring ten feet away. Conformation exhibitors are lucky in that they are able to regain their dog's focus with a bit of stinky bait. Obedience folks can't do that. Our dogs are performing much more complicated tasks than standing still in the conformation ring, and you dropping a metal crate onto the concrete floor can cost a dog a qualifying score. So don't complain that you have to wait until 7pm to set up your junk.

Also, parents - when there are dogs on a long down, don't let your kids stand at the ring entrance and repeatedly call out to the dogs to come over for petting. That's just plain rude... and if they're caught doing it again, there will be some not-very-nice-things said to them and you.

Respect, people... respect!

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  1. Congratulations on the new titles!!!

    I completely agree about the lack of disrespect shown by people but I tend to believe they are just oblivious to those around them then actually intentionally being disrepectful. At least that is what I try to convince myself as I grind my teeth. :)


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