Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rocket and Kaylee's BIG Adventure

I rarely do these 'photo dumpage' posts, but today was too fun not to share.

It was 42 degrees and sunny... perfect weather for a Sunday hike! Aryn and I took the "smart dogs" to an old quarry that has been flooded and converted into a nature park and wildlife reserve.

It was muddy. Aryn was smart and brought rubber waders. I was less smart (but still not technically stupid) and brought some heavy duty hiking boots. We started off looking pretty in the tallgrass:

We spent some time down by the lake, then headed up to the dunes. Kaylee swore she heard something evil over the next ridge, and tore off to "take care of business."

I quickly called her back. No maulings today, folks!

After narrowly avoiding falling on our faces in a large mud pit, we stumbled across a pioneer cemetery.

Rocket decided to wade out for a slurpie break.

Eventually we made it to the far prairie. The lighting was nice, so we attempted to take a few posed shots. It kind of went like this....

Me: Kaylee, stay.
Kaylee: *sigh* ...fine, whatever.
Aryn: Rocket, stay.
Rocket: Golly gee, sure! Hi Kaylee! Look we are both standing in yellow grass hahahaha!
Me: Kaylee, look happy.
Kaylee: No.
Me: Pllleeeaaassseee?
Kaylee: No.
Me: Well fine. Can you at least try to look marginally non-dismal?
Kaylee: ...... I suppose that is an acceptable compromise.
Kaylee: Get this over with...


Suddenly, Rocket honed in on something. Curious, we let him lead the way. Kaylee quickly focused on the same something. Off into the prairie they charged.

Oh Christ, there they go....

We never did end up finding out what they were tracking. A huge vulture flew out of the tallgrass, and I'm pretty sure he was angry that we had disturbed him. There was probably something dead in the tallgrass somewhere, but we weren't about to go looking for it.

Once we discovered several piles of coyote poo, we headed back into the forest. There were adorable little baby animal tracks everywhere, as evidenced by the photo below. Deer hoofprint, Kaylee pawprint... and baby animal pawprints!

All in all, it was a fun outing. I did learn a few things...

1. Taking decent photos while walking a dog on a retractable lead is extremely difficult.
2. Kaylee likes horse poo.
3. I need rubber waders.
4. Walking through mud and sand makes for great exercise.
5. Vultures are really f*cking scary when they take flight less than 15 feet ahead of you.


  1. You should do photo dumpage posts more often! It looks like a fun day was had by all. It's really pretty there!

  2. fun! Your dogs are gorgeous. I trained my Dobi to bark at vultures when we lived in AL-there were a lot.


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