Friday, March 9, 2012

Give a mouse a cookie...

Aryn and I went to the training building tonight to blow the hair off the floor and move back the ring gating. We have a regional IPO training day tomorrow, so the building has to be ready.

Yep. We only went to blow the floor. Riiiiight.

Five minutes in, and Aryn was already swearing up a storm, OH FOR F*CK'S SAKE! ...and putting away the clipboards. Throwing away old show catalogs from several years ago. Organizing the front table. Dusting. Filing the class lesson plans in their appropriate folders. Throwing away moldy dog treats. Moving plastic bags full of mildew-covered stuffy toys. Swearing some more, OH FOR F*CK'S SAKE! Updating the club schedule white-board. Recycling flyers for seminars from several months ago. OH FOR F*CK'S SAKE!

Finally, it was time to blow the floor. Aryn insisted she get the big blower, because apparently that's important. I told her size doesn't matter. I'm not sure she believed me.

Thoroughly de-fuzzed and de-gated, the building looked great.

With the dirty work out of the way, we decided to let Kaylee and Rocket play. But first, we decided to get some New Title photos of them so we could display their accomplishments on the club wall.

Kaylee was first. "You don't really need those kneecaps..." she said to Aryn.

"Fine, take my picture."

Rocket was next. His outtakes were hilarious...

"I will not look at the camera I HAVE A HEDGIE!"

"Prepare for MEGALOVE!"

Finally, he pulled himself together enough for a decent New Title shot.

Next, we attempted a group shot.

Rocket: "Hiiiii.... hiii..... I am so gonna poke you!"
Kaylee: "You do, you die. So don't."
Rocket: "le sigh."

Here's the photo we ended up keeping.

Then we let them play. I've decided that Kaylee needs to have regular playdates with Rocket, because he's the only dog she tolerates. My other dogs won't play with her because she's a spoilsport and bites them if they get too friendly. And since the others are quite friendly, Kaylee won't play with them.


"Hot lava, hot lava!"

"I bow to you, sir!"

"What is wrong with you, Rocket?"

"I think this model is defective. I didn't break him, and whoever told you I did is a liar!"

"Ack! You rebooted!"

When we say "go play".... this is what they did. Lazy dogs.

Okay, signing off and going to bed. I have to wake up in... five hours. I am so screwed.


  1. Wow your dogs look so nice when they play! When my dog plays with her friends it usually looks like this:

  2. Your dogs are really playful-looking. Their picture playing with each other made me smile.

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