Friday, April 6, 2012

An Update on Unsquishify 2012, and Other Things

I've been neglecting the fearless readers of this blog... sorry about that. Life has been busy, work has been stressful, and I've got a puppy that keeps stealing my camera batteries out of the wall charger. Have I mentioned how much I hate puppies?

Tonight I'm starting Week 3 of C25K. I've actually altered my schedule a bit, to accommodate my husband's "weekend" schedule. I don't like running on nights when he's home.

Monday - biking
Tuesday - C25k
Wednesday - biking
Thursday - something easy (a walk, usually)
Friday - C25K (the start of a new week in the program)
Saturday - something fun (a hike, a long walk, etc.)
Sunday - C25k

Also, I have some new shoes. Despite their ugliness, they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! I like them so much that I've ordered a few more pairs - some Komodosports for walking on hard surfaces, and some Treksports for everything else. I wasn't going to buy the Treksports, but my husband insisted that I buy some plain black ones to minimize his embarrassment of being seen out in public with a "crazy toe-shoe person."

"At least they're better than Crocs," he admitted, "because Crocs make you look trashy. Vibram FiveFingers just make you look crazy."

I haven't started running in them yet. I want to be able to run consistently in regular shoes before I go "barefoot."

Steve and I are changing what we eat. Wait, let me amend that - I am changing what I eat, and Steve is sort of doing the same when he feels like it, but is 100% convinced he has radically changed his diet. Riiiiight. Just keep telling yourself that, buddy. I've almost completely broken my soda addiction, and we're trying to keep healthier food in the house. We tried to make gluten free bread. The dough looked like instant mashed potatoes. The finished product looked and sort of felt like bread, but it tasted like Play-Doh. Do not buy this crap. It is not bread. It is an imposter.

In other news, I finally got a group shot of "the kids." I didn't even need to beat them. Much. (Relax, I'm joking - I do not beat my dogs!)

That's all for now!


  1. Bwahahaha, and so the addiction starts ;) I got my black ones because they black, too. I'm looking into getting some classics for summer. I briefly had a pair of Bikilas and HATED them, though.

  2. I wore mine to an agility seminar yesterday and some lady asked me how I'd injured my foot. I was so confused and then she confessed that she thought I was wearing some sort of orthopedic contraption for an injury, she didn't realize they were shoes. LOL

    I have KSOs and Treksports. I am not in love with the KSOs. I find them so hard to get on. But I wear my Treksports whenever I can!


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