Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weekly Shopping List

I joke about this, but it's true. Dog training (especially when you're starting out in a new sport) is basically a way to generate weekly shopping lists.

After a scorching hot weekend of training, I went out and bought a hat, sunglasses and industrial strength sunscreen.

The next weekend was bitter cold and rainy, so I invested in rain gear and rubber boots.

I won't even mention the various leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, tugs, dumbbells, dumbbell alternatives, clickers, and treats that need to be purchased. It probably doesn't help that I must color coordinate everything.

Then there's the bag to hold all the new junk, and the vest to hold some of the junk that you need close-at-hand if you're clumsy like me. It never ends.

Tonight I bought battery-operated fans to attach to my crates. Soon I need to invest in another line so I can have one attached to a harness and one attached to a collar... because there is no way I can physically check a 78lb red 'n' rust cannonball-dog on a harness, and stop him just short of the helper. Revier is a bitch!

Last weekend I really wished I had long underwear, but as I type this and look at the 85-90 degree forecast, I doubt I'll need them on Saturday.

I need a bigger car for all of this junk. And to think, this madness all started with a free dog.

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