Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gettin' Metaphysical, and Other Things

Gettin' Metaphysical.

Aryn, Angela and I went to the Metaphysical Fair in Des Moines this weekend. I know what you're thinking, but stop. Just stop. It was educational and fun, and I fully plan on going next year. It really was the highlight of my weekend.

I talked to an animal communicator about my dogs. As a result, there are a few things I need to do. Jayne needs to know what's expected of him in the house, so I need to write down a "job description" using positive imagery, and tack it to the fridge so he can read it. To avoid making him feel like he's being singled out, I'm supposed to do the same for the other dogs as well.

Jayne also needs to go on more walks where he doesn't have to do anything - just let him be a dog and smell stuff. He needs more joy in his life.

I apparently need to keep the house more dry... it'll help the dogs be more at peace. And cleaner, the house needs to be cleaner. Also, Talla wants to go more places. We'll work on that.

Other Things.

The madness has begun. Yesterday I drove out to pick up large quantities of chicken parts for the dogs. I came home with backs, wings, necks, feet, and a few bags of beef ribs. Chicken feet are crack-for-dogs, so I'll have to be sure to order many more in the future. Our chicken supplier will also be able to provide us with ground chicken mix, as well as ground goat in the fall. They're even going to attempt to find a source of pancreas for Revy!

That's all I've got for tonight, folks.

Wait, no, just kidding. I have more. Blow by blow, as promised, but not as involved as the last time I did this.

8:00am - did my job
4:30pm - finished doing my job
4:31pm - left for Zombie Burger
5:30pm - successfully backed into a diagonal parking spot for the first time!
5:45pm - ate at Zombie Burger with my friend Angela and her family
6:30pm - got lost in Valley Junction
8:00pm - made it back home, fed animals, played with Hugo
10:00pm - tried to go to sleep
11:59pm - was still awake. Internet... forever!

2:00am - still awake
3:00am - finally fell asleep
8:45am - woke up, wish I hadn't.
9:15am - left for Des Moines
10:00am - ogled dead chicken pieces for about two hours, in the parking lot of Sam's Club
1:00pm - put away vast quantities of dead chicken pieces
1:30pm - fed Kaylee a chicken foot, was overjoyed that she actually ate it
2:00pm - made a list of things to accomplish
3:00pm - realized I hadn't done anything on my list
4:00pm - still hadn't done anything on my list
4:30pm - felt bad, accomplished one item on my list (cleaned car)
9:30pm - tried to go to sleep
11:59pm - still awake (this is familiar)

1:00am - still awake
2:00am - finally fell asleep
10:15am - woke up, wish I hadn't.
11:00am - left for Des Moines
11:30am - traded dead chicken pieces and a Rubit for a lens and two Hawaiian dog collars
1:00pm - talked to animal communicator
1:50pm - convinced Aryn to get a tarot reading
2:25pm - got scared by a scary stone vendor, stood around with Angela, thoroughly confused
2:35pm - still standing around, confused
2:40pm - scary stone vendor unconfused us, but I was still scared of him
2:45pm - left Metaphysical Fair
4:00pm - got home, did nothing of consequence until....
9:45pm - went running.

Now that's all I've got for tonight.


  1. Sounds like an interesting weekend. I think going to something like that could be fun.

    If Rio and Katie think the house needs to be cleaner, their sh*t outta luck, especially since they contribute a lot to the mess LOL

  2. Hey I went too and also talked to the animal communicator! I had her communicate with Bailey, Tucker, and my parent's dog Maggie. Bailey would apparently appreciate more massages (she would ask for more cuddles, that slut) Tucker apparently wants to reincarnate and come back, and Maggie was deeply concerned about coming to spend the week here at my house while my parents are on vacation, primarily she wanted reassurance that she would be given food of adequate quality and quantity, and that she would still get plenty snacks- LOL.

  3. What was confusing or scary about the stone vendor? Methinks this sounds like another fantastic story


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