Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lure Coursing Adventure, Day 1

I did a very stupid thing last night. I stayed up until about 2am, knowing full well I'd have to be awake at 5am to prepare for yet another road trip to Wisconsin. As a result, I am typing this blog post while extremely tired, so I may jump around a bit. I may even repeat myself. I'm sorry, I'm tired.

Aryn arrived at 6am, and we headed off to Caledonia. First stop was a BP station in Williamsburg IA that had a ton of Amana products... for those of you non-Iowans, Amana is famous for their meats, cheeses, and other old-timey foodstuffs. There was even a little coffee cafe within the gas station, and there were actually people sitting at the quaint little tables. This could mean one of two things... either the people of Williamsburg are starved for entertainment, or it's actually a great place to hang out at 7am on a Saturday morning.

I bought an entire summer sausage. I couldn't resist. Then I watched Aryn feed Rocket, which was kind of gruesome... or was it awesome?

Also, I bought an "energy drink" to help keep me awake. It was terrible. It tasted like melted gummy bears drowned in Sudafed.

Confession. I am terrified of birds flying at my car. I cringe, I duck, I scream like a little girl. Aryn thinks this is hilarious. To her, I say..... frogs with eggs on their backs. 'Nuff said.

I offended Garmin early on in the trip. Garmin is my GPS, and she's a bitch. In retaliation, she took us through three million tiny little towns, and kept taking us down 55mph roads. I finally muted her. After awhile, I decided she could talk again so I unmuted her. She didn't talk. Yes, she gave me the silent treatment. I had a miniature breakdown in the car, and frantically apologized to Garmin. Finally she decided to talk again.... our relationship is on the mend. I need to be more careful in the future to not offend Garmin. She's mean, but apparently quite emotionally vulnerable.

We finally arrived at the lure coursing site.

A month ago, I mentioned that the worst job at a lure coursing trial had to be the huntmaster. I was wrong. Hands down, the worst job at a lure coursing trial is the hoo-haa wiper. Every female dog has to be checked to see if they are in season. I hope I never have to be the hoo-haa wiper.

Revy went first. It started out badly - she was too far from the lure when it started, and we didn't get a definitive Tally Ho. Before we could re-start her, she spotted the lure and took off. She took the first couple turns really well, but the plastic bags were old and flat, so they didn't flutter around much. She lost them over a hill, then lost them again in some long grass. It's hard for a dog whose eye-level is six inches above the ground. Sadly no Q, but we did get brownie points for her adorable bunny-butt and her phenomenal recall.

Rocket did so well - he was on the lure like his life depended on it, finished strong and effortlessly got his Q. I'm so excited to go coursing with him again... I'm sure he and Kaylee will make an unstoppable team.

Got to the hotel, dropped off the dogs, headed to The Outback Steakhouse. It was official Stupid College Freshman Waitress Day, and I got to explain that gluten is not in cheese. Ordered a Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. That's a dessert, not a stripper. They really need to figure out a better name for it.

Got back to the hotel, took the dogs for a walk, then went back up to the room and collapsed from exhaustion.

We're watching TV now.

Aryn is watching Telemundo. There's a midget, and an old guy with a silly hat, and someone dressed up as a bug, and a busty woman singing.

Wait, now we're watching a guy on the National Geographic channel kiss, lick and wash his car. This is disturbing. The car's name is Vanilla. "We do communicate... in her own mechanical essence." - Crazy Guy who is in love with his car. Weird.

A Bee Movie.

Pawn Stars.

Some sort of prison documentary.

Who the hell is Suze Ormann?

OMG, Wild Wild West!

Aryn is looking for HBO, because True Blood is on tomorrow and she can't miss True Blood. I'm.... gonna end this blog post now. More tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time, even right down to what you're watching......I've had days like that LOL


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