Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lure Coursing Adventure, Day 2

Rocket got his second Q, and Revy biffed her second Q. I think she's just not tall enough for this sport... she lost the lure when it went over a hill again. Oh well, failing has never been this cute!

This blog post has been improved... with photos!

We did run into a really annoying woman though. As we're watching Best in Field, a large Honda Pilot pulled up next to where we were sitting. A man and a woman got out. The man went to tend to their dogs (Wolfhounds) and the woman sauntered over to where we were sitting. She stood directly in front of Revy's crate, with this constipated look on her face that made it clear she wasn't pleased. She said something like, "WHAT is in there?" to which I told her it was a corgi. The constipated look returned to her face. She continued to peer into Revy's crate, then turned to me and snottily said, "Are you aware that she has a blue eye?"

... what the hell do I say to that? I ended up saying that I did know she had a blue eye, because I'd had her since she wad ten weeks old.

She walked off to watch her husband run their Wolfhounds in the JC. They both failed. (Ha.)

When they got back, the woman said, "I don't understand. They don't encourage dogs to fraternize like they do at the dog park." No shit, lady, this isn't a dog park. This is an AKC sanctioned event offering points and legs towards official AKC titles, so please show some good sportsmanship and STFU.

Role call for CAT started, and a woman took her gorgeous American Staffordshire Bull Terriers up to be inspected. As she returned to the car, the Rude Wolfhound Woman turned to her husband and not-so-quietly commented, "I bet it hasn't killed anything for a few hours, so it's looking antsy."

I fumed. I didn't say anything, but I did start to shoot significant looks (and eye rolls) in Aryn's direction. I couldn't stop myself from commenting though, once the woman opened her ignorant mouth again. She said, "Look at that pit bull head, with those nasty pit bull ears. Maybe we should go, since the pit bulls are here." I turned to her and said, "Those are actually American Staffordshire Bull Terriers. They are AKC Grand Champions, they are titled in Agility and are VERY nice dogs."

She seemed stunned that I'd actually stood up to her hateful ignorance, stuttered a bit, and muttered something about her not being an expert on dogs. Ya think so, lady? Glad you can admit that you are an idiot. Buh bye.

Afterwards, we decided we had to go to see Lake Michigan since we were a mere eight miles from the beach. We walked down to the waterfront in Racine, saw many interesting people, and had fun watching the dogs enjoy being so close to the lake. Dogs weren't allowed on the beach, so they didn't get to dip their toes in the water. We took some photos and headed back to the car, because the dogs were really hot.

Photos! New and Improved!

The last quarter mile back to the car was a little rough. We'd had trouble finding a place to park, so we'd had to park in a lot in the marina that looked... a little scary. There was barbed wire AND razor wire. We had some less-than-safe-looking people behind us that appeared to be following us. For anyone who doesn't think concealed carry is a good idea... let me just say that knowing I had a loaded gun (and knowing how to use it) made that last quarter mile a worry-free experience.

We're back at the hotel for the rest of the evening. Dinner has been eaten, dogs are asleep, weekend has been fun. Dog trips are the best trips!


  1. Come here, it's flat, no hills to get lost on! ;)

  2. Racine?! Yo in the hood bitch!


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