Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So sick of poop.

Today was fantastic.

First thing in the morning, Talla ran outside and snarfed a mouthful of foster-dog poop. She loves foster-dog poop, because it's gross. Immediately after coming back inside, she vomited the poop... right in front of me. Doesn't that sound like a great way to start the day?

It gets better.

Apparently Revy got into something she shouldn't have. 'Something She Shouldn't Have' is a very broad category, as every morsel of food she ingests must be treated with pancreatic enzymes. So, with this ingestion of a mysterious forbidden substance, she had a full-blown EPI attack. I'm not sure if that's even something that exists, but that's what I've decided to call it.

First was the poop. She pooped everywhere. EPI poop is the worst poop of all the poop, so I'm not sure I can even adequately describe how awful it was. EPI dog owners know what I'm talking about... rancid, oily, and foul. I came home from getting the mail to a poop-tastrophe so intense that I just about died. Just as I was finishing cleaning up the poop, she vomited. Everywhere. Just as soon as I'd finish cleaning up one puddle of vomit, she'd go and make another puddle.

I'm really glad we decided to roll up all the area rugs a few days ago, because it could have been much worse than it was.

Steve's solution was to ex-pen her in the basement over one of the storm drains, so we could hose down any further explosions. It was a good plan. She proceeded to vomit about seven or eight more times, and let loose another poop bomb that was even worse than the first round. I didn't even know dogs were capable of producing such potent weapons of mass destruction.

Around 8pm, Revy's gastrointestinal tract finally decided it had done enough damage for one day. She was filthy. Somehow she'd gotten poop on her head, and she smelled awful. It was time for a bath. I bathed her at 9:30pm, and decided that it had been such a horrible vomit-and-poo-filled day that I couldn't go on my run. Mostly because I'd been nauseous for more than twelve consecutive hours, and I didn't want to push myself into puking.

So here I sit. I wanted to run tonight. Instead, I got to wash EPI slime off a very sad little Corgi.

She's just lucky she's cute.

UPDATE: This is crazy, but I just got back from a run. I went running at 11:30pm. I just couldn't let one crappy day (har har, a pun!) get in the way with my running schedule.


  1. Those are the days where you have to ask yourself "why do I do this?" ...and then a dog leans on you and that is all the answer you need. :)

    Sorry, about such a poop-tastic day for you and also for poor Revy.

  2. Something must be going around. I woke up yesterday to find a massive diarrhea event had taken place during the night. I hadn't heard a thing. You're lucky you don't have a Great Dane!


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