Saturday, June 2, 2012

This sh*t is bananas.


Yes, I made banana bread just so I could use that title. I'm baaaad.

My parents bought me a gluten-free banana bread mix from a company called Breads From Anna. There must have been a TV segment about the company, because three people from my hometown emailed me to tell me about it. Of course, when my friend Jess told me about it, I read the website address wrong and thought the company was called Breads Fro Manna. I was confused, in a hilarious sort of way. FRO MANNA, dude!

It was 9:30pm, and I was skipping my run because I'd... well, I felt like skipping. Get off my back, it's been a busy weekend! Anyway, I decided that the bananas I'd bought several days prior were just about ready to go bad, so the Banana Bread Fro Manna had to happen. Tonight. Right now.

I followed the directions. Again I had a mental soapbox-rant over the fact that all recipes call for beating, and that's not cool because not everyone has an electric mixer/beater device. So I whisked it vigorously and hoped it was sufficient.

The directions said to dust the pan with tapioca flour or rice flour. Do you think I had either one? Ha, no. That would have required planning. All I had was soy flour, and it most definitely did not want to be dusted onto anything. Crap. Okay, damage control, what else could I.... oh. Directions also said I could make muffins. Muffins were actually doable.

In interest of full disclosure, I am not a good cook. Pair the cat-vomit batter with my distinct lack of finesse in the kitchen, and I began to have serious doubts.

Setting the timer on the oven, I wandered back to my computer and started typing out this post. Photos were uploaded, giggles were uttered, dogs were told to shut up.

** At this point, the author got up to check on the muffins. **

Well holy cow, they don't look like cat vomit anymore! And they smell good!

** At this point, the author ate a banana bread muffin. **

Um, they're okay. They taste a bit... salty. Weird texture, like they should be fluffy but they're actually kind of slimy, which is a huge contradiction and I think my brain is having trouble wrapping itself around that.

At least I found a way to say, "This sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" tonight.

Tomorrow I'll share the details of my weekend, blow by blow, just like I did a few weeks back. But for now, I'm going to eat another slimy muffin and watch Super Troopers.


  1. haha okay soooo maybe anna fro bananramadingdong wasn't the best suggestion. but at least your pain (confusion) has led to my amusement!

  2. Slimy muffins huh. That doesn't sound very appetizing. Though I have a strange craving for banana bread now.

  3. Well, back to the Chebe Balls. They're much cheaper and cuter, don't require the added expense of bananas, rice and/or tapioca dusting flour. Looks like you be getting an electric mixer/beater device from some deviant old kittens this year.


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