Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hodgepodge 9.0

I hate living in Iowa right now. It's too hot, and it's making me miss my runs. I don't run if it's over 80 degrees and over 60% humidity, because that's what it takes for me to get sick. And I hate being sick.

Last night I almost got trapped into explaining dog nipples to a five year old. When the girl asked what "those things" were, the only answer I could manage was, "UH.... she had puppies." I thought this was a great answer. Vague, and did not involve me actually uttering the word 'nipple' in the presence of a kindergartner. As a bonus, it also distracted the girl into squealing about how much she loved puppies.

That's really all I have. This heat is frying my brain to the point where typing out more than three paragraphs is impossible.

My dog is pretty.

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  1. She's not pretty - she's gorgeous. ;) Lovely photo!


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