Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kaylee's Tooth

WARNING: Thar be gory photos in this post, mateys! Ye scurvy barnacles with weak stomachs may want to stay off the ship today!

Kaylee had to have her P4 carnassial premolar extracted last weekend. She stopped eating early last week, which we eventually discovered was caused by a pretty nasty slab fracture. We're not 100% what caused it, but our educated guess is that she was chewing on an "inappropriate chew item" and broke herself.

Public service announcement: Do not give your dogs weight-bearing bones or antlers to chew. Thirty minutes of peace and quiet is not worth the danger and expense of dental surgery.

Here's what her tooth looked like, pre-extraction:

I hate putting dogs under anesthesia. So many people think it's nothing to worry about, but I've known too many dogs that haven't woken up after surgery that I avoid it unless absolutely necessary. So we began to think about what else we could have done while Kaylee was knocked out for her tooth extraction... and ended up making the decision to spay her.

There's a "no more dogs until someone dies" house rule in effect right now, so there would be no reason for me to breed Kaylee again. Pair that with our increased involvement in performance events, the logical choice was to spay. No more lost training time, no more missed trials. It'll be so nice.

The vet didn't let me take her uterus home, but I did get to keep the tooth. (No, I did not want her uterus. That was what I refer to as a "joke." Please don't freak out. I would never want to keep my dogs' discarded reproductive organs, that's just sick.)

Anyway... there's the tooth. I'm supposed to arrange a visit from the tooth fairy. All I know is that the tooth fairy had better not leave any more damn weight bearing bones on which for my dogs to break their teeth!

As per tradition, I need to figure out a great story for why Kaylee is missing a tooth. I think I'm going to go with a pirate story. She lost the tooth on the high seas, looting and pillaging. Yep, that sounds like Kaylee's idea of a good time. :)

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