Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Spontaneous Superhero Saturday

At 8:08 this morning, I received a text message from my friend Aryn. It read, "Are you up yet?"

When I woke up at 9:14am, I texted back, "am now, sort of. Ha."

Aryn's reply: "I am going to do illegal things to food at 9:40 if you want to come."

Okay, let's be honest, when have I ever said no to doing illegal things to food? That's right, never. Invitation accepted.

After a lightning-fast nine minute shower, I jumped in my car and drove to Perkins as fast as I could without getting pulled over. At 9:55am, I texted Aryn to let her know there were a ton of cops out. Also, there were a ton of red lights. FML, all I wanted was scrambled eggs and all these cops and red lights were getting in my way!

Got to Perkins, sat down, and the ninja waitress took my order. I call her a ninja waitress because she handed me a menu less than 30 seconds after I'd arrived, and she hadn't even seen me come in! Ninja skills, seriously! As Aryn excised a tumor from her chocolate muffin, we made a snap decision. This was a snap decision that would end up changing the entire day.

Our other breakfast companion mentioned that he was going to see The Dark Knight Rises with his brother after he was finished at Perkins. Aryn and I decided that that was a fabulous idea, and that we should see the movie as well. Aryn offhandedly mentioned that she hadn't seen The Avengers yet either, and that she'd like to see it sometime.

If you know me, you should already have guessed what my next words were. Yes. I turned to Aryn and said, "Well, let's see that one too!" "Today?" "Hell yeah, today!"

We decided to call our adventure Spontaneous Superhero Saturday. For awhile it was the Super Secret Spontaneous Superhero Saturday, because our spouses had not been informed of we were doing.

After making fun of our friend for choosing a theater that smells like cat pee, we left Perkins and eventually made it to the movie theater. I could not stop laughing. We were actually doing this. As we were pulling into the theater parking lot, I suddenly remembered that I'd scheduled to see a man about some pancreas at 4:30pm. Craaaaaap. I couldn't let a few dozen pounds of cow guts ruin our amazing spontaneous movie plans. I whipped out my phone and called my trusty raw-feeding buddy Polly. She readily agreed to pick up my order, which in my opinion made her just as much of a superhero as the guys in spangly outfits we'd be watching on-screen.

(Thanks again, Polly - I know I told you this earlier, but I want to say it again publicly - you are an amazing person, a great friend, and YOU ROCK!)

As the credits rolled for The Dark Knight Rises, we scurried off to the lobby to buy our tickets to The Avengers. Oh man, I hadn't done this since high school!

At 6:40pm, we finally stumbled out of the theater. What was that bright stuff that hit my eyes, omigod, was that sunlight? I wasn't sure. I hadn't seen it for so long, I'd forgotten how bright... and hot... and nasty the sun could be! Gah!

Taco Bell acquired.

On my way home, I stopped at the ghetto Walmart and discovered that they had bags of whole tilapia on sale. Three fish for four dollars. I think I scared the cashier because I ended up buying a boatload of tilapia.

It was a great day. Dare I say it was.... stupendous. Stupendous (Not So) Super Secret Spontaneous Superhero Saturday.

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