Thursday, August 23, 2012

Not as stupid as I'd thought...

I think we're getting better at this.

This past weekend, Aryn and I drove to Wisconsin to pick up roughly 2000lbs of meat. Based on our previous trips, I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it actually ended up being.

The only minor hiccup was how the huge van we rented handled the backroads of Wisconsin. We'd rented a monstrous Ford E350 van for the trip, since there was no way my HHR could haul the amount of meat we'd ordered. We nicknamed the van 'Shamu' because it was the size of a whale.

I know, we're so original.

The backroads of Wisconsin are very twisty and lack shoulders. Looking down from the passenger-side window, I couldn't see the road - so occasionally it appeared as if Aryn was close to careening off the road and into some cornfield or cow pasture or something. I was understandably alarmed, and quite vocal about it. Aryn's solution was to scream at me, "We're not going to die... just don't look down!"

Of course, it didn't help that whenever we'd take a corner too fast, Aryn would yell WHEEEEEEE!

Meat acquired. I helped the muchachos load it into the van. Ow, my poor back!

Drove home, delivered meat, loaded freezer. Was proud of freezer. Everything just barely fit, which was a huge relief because there had still been a small chance I'd run out of room and have to pitch some perfectly good meat out with the trash.

We all photobombed Facebook with Freezer photos. The End.

(24.6 cubic feet of AWESOME)


  1. Proof positive that you have been blessed/cursed with your great G'Ma"s freezer food OCD. :)

  2. You would NEVER have to pitch perfectly good meat... you have friends!


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