Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hodgepodge 10.0

My husband went to Goldie's last weekend. Remember me saying how they are completely incapable of making ice cream treats correctly? We have yet another example of their ineptitude. Steve ordered a Peanut Butter Suicide. It's been awhile since I've ordered one, but it's pretty fancy - butterfingers, peanut butter, chocolate... and more. Steve came home with... a cup of vanilla ice cream with peanut butter on top. That's not a Peanut Butter Suicide! That's more like a Peanut Butter Paper Cut! Way to fail, Goldie's. I can't believe Steve paid $4.50 for plain ice cream with peanut butter.

I did a crazy thing. I took over the obedience club's monthly newsletter. It's harder than it sounds. Please cross your fingers I don't screw it up!

I forgot to mention this... but Kaylee finished her BN. Now we get to work on her CD!

This was kind of a lame Hodgepodge. I promise my next post will have tons of gorgeous photos from last weekend!

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