Saturday, September 29, 2012

October: The Month of Crazy

Before I get into why October has been dubbed The Month of Crazy, I want to share the good news that Rocket finished his U-CH last weekend.  Also, Kaylee picked up four Altered BIS wins as well.  After the show on Sunday, we took them to Ledges and got some fantastic photos:

Okay.  Now I can explain.

I'm not exactly sure how I got myself into this predicament. The current theory is that I have some sort of brain parasite that has been telling me to enter shows and trials like someone with twice my free time and three times my income.

October 5-7: Lure coursing and Conformation in Lincoln, Nebraska
October 13-14: Conformation in Mason City, Iowa
October 20-21: Lure coursing in Ramsey, Minnesota
October 26-28: Conformation in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

... I think you can see why I'm calling October 'The Month of Crazy.' Four weekends, four dog shows. By the end of the month, Kaylee will have her CA title and need six more qualifying runs for her CAA. Rocket will have his CA title and need only four more runs for his CAA, as well as hopefully be closer to his AKC championship. Aside from the titles and points. we'll also get to spend time with friends and Aryn's family, experience feeding raw while on the road, and attend the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon National Specialty.

This is going to be ridiculously awesome... or awesomely ridiculous. Perhaps both.


  1. Wow, lure coursing in Ramsey, MN? That's about five miles from my house!

    MeadowCat from DT

  2. Yes indeed! You should come by... there should be a large Doberman entry - I think we even have some Canadians coming down! :)

  3. I'm hoping to come and watch. I wanted to sign Shanoa up, but I'm not 100% confident she can be trusted in an area that is fully fenced with split rail fence instead of chain link or wood. I did find, though, that my old trainer now offers lure coursing at her new location, so I think we're going to give it a try there!

    Nicole (MC)

  4. Oh, which dogs are coming?


  5. The CAT in Ramsey is fully fenced, actually!

    Obviously I'm bringing Kaylee, and Aryn is bringing Rocket. I think we have some rescue buddies coming with their dogs, and Evan is scheduled to come down too. (Evan is on DT, littermate to Rudy who is also in Canada and on DT.)


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