Saturday, September 15, 2012

Robitussin Dream

I've been really, really, really sick for the past four days. Sick enough that I missed two days of work. Sick enough that I had friends telling me I had the West Nile virus, and contacting doctors on my behalf. I'm feeling a lot better now, but for awhile there I was pretty sure I had SARS or the Black Death or the Swine Flu or something. Now I'm just a snot faucet.

Anyway... apparently Robitussin (when combined with a handful of other medications) makes me have really bizarre dreams. The following is an account of just one of these dreams.

I dreamed that I was doing some sort of Rally course with Kaylee. My friend Jenny was the judge, and apparently I lost three points right off the bat because I didn't enter the ring from the correct angle. Jenny asked if I wanted her to take those points off right away, and I told her no. The second station was, for some reason, a hopscotch board. I didn't remember how to play hopscotch - and in the dream it had something to do with a large oversized dice but I couldn't find the dice because somehow it would involve forcing Kaylee out of heel position, so we NQed. Instead of finishing the course, we were asked to leave because I 'needed too much help with the hopscotch station.' I was really mad, especially when Jenny said something like, "your run started out really good!" - so I threw my iPod (and my cell phone) at her because clearly the run had NOT started well and she was just saying that to be nice.

The trial was in a mall, so after leaving the ring I walked over to Cinnabon and sulked for awhile. Some of my friends walked by but made a point of not saying Hi, because I had apparently embarrassed them by throwing an iPod at Jenny. I specifically remember Aryn talking on the phone to someone, but making a point of not looking in my direction. But she knew I was there. I remember thinking, 'you are SO not my friend anymore, Aryn!'

After awhile, I got sick of being ignored at Cinnabon and went home... but I had to ski home, because the mall was in the Alps.

Thank you Robitussin, for making me get mad at my friends in my dream. Real nice.

Fun times. Robitussin is evil.

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