Thursday, October 11, 2012

From Afghanistan, With Love

My buddies at Village Veterinary Hospital reminded me this evening that I haven't introduced my foster dog yet!

I think she may already have a home, but nothing is official until the paperwork is signed.  Selma is a 2-3 year old pariah dog from Afghanistan.  An American soldier brought her back from the warzone, but hit some hard financial times and Selma found herself at a kill shelter.  Illinois Doberman Rescue stepped in with some help from other rescuers, and the rest is history!

She's a typical pariah - aloof with strangers and distrustful of other dogs until she knows they're not a threat.  She loves my dogs, with the exception of Kaylee... but let's face it, Kaylee isn't really the type of dog who volunteers for the Welcome Brigade.

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