Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Dreams!

It's been an interesting night.

My dream started out in my old house in Valley Junction.  The yard was infested with snakes.  I wasn't too concerned, until a red and yellow snake (approximately 14ft long) chased me from the garage to my front door.  I tried waving a shovel at it, but that only made the snake more keen on chasing me.  I called Aryn, who in this dream was apparently a zoologist.  She came to my house, assessed the situation, and told me that it was worse than she'd originally thought and my only option was to move.

Suddenly I found myself in a prison.  It was built more like a two-level mall though, and the public could apparently come watch us from above.  I got checked in, and was told to go talk to another prison official about my job assignment.  On my way to the job table, my mom appeared on the upper level.  She was holding a shirt she'd presumably bought for me, and yelled down to me that once I was done with the job table, to come up and we'd have lunch.  I yelled back that that wasn't how prison worked.  She seemed shocked.  Not to be deterred from helping her dear daughter, she hollered down that she'd give me some money.  I told her I wasn't supposed to have money in prison, but she threw a $20 bill down anyway.  I quickly hid it in my pocket, and ran over to the job table for my assignment.

For my job, I was assigned to walk the police horses and play beach volleyball.  I never did find out why I was in prison in the first place, but apparently I didn't care much.

My dream ended in Jordan Creek Mall again - the same mall where, in a previous dream, I threw a iPod at Jenny and had to ski home through the Alps.  My regular readers will remember this dream.  Anyway - I was near Cinnabon and noticed a huge crowd of people on the upper level, seemingly waiting for something to happen near the main elevator.  I asked a shopkeeper what was going on, and she told me that Robert Downey Jr. was rumored to be making an appearance at the mall that day.  I shrugged, and walked over to Teavana to buy Christmas gifts.  (In my dream, Teavana was right next to Cinnabon.)  By the time I was done at Teavana, the crowd had completely disappeared.  Robert Downey Jr. hadn't shown up after all.

But then, as I was walking past Cinnabon... there he was.

He was sitting at a food court table, all by himself, picking at a piece of pineapple pizza.  I walked over to him and said, "So I guess you showed up after all."  He grinned, and asked me if I'd like to help him eat lunch.  I sat down, and he handed me the crust of the pizza.  I looked over at his plate, and saw that he'd picked all the pineapple off and was just eating the cheese and the pineapple.  I asked him if he couldn't eat bread.  He smiled again, shrugged, and said that they hadn't ruled that out yet.  I told him I couldn't technically eat bread either, but figured I could make an exception for times such as this, because it's not every day Robert Downey Jr. wants you to eat lunch with him.  He laughed, and we spent the rest of the dream driving around Des Moines, looking for RV hookups.

... and I woke up thirty minutes early - on a weekday - to make sure I got this post typed out before I forgot everything.  That's dedication, folks.

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