Saturday, November 17, 2012


Haven't done this in awhile... a chronicle of my Saturday.

I woke up from an exhausting dream.  I dreamt that my Aunt Pat was going to go on a trip somewhere, but she couldn't go so she sent me instead.  The trip was by air, and for some reason she had it set up to switch flights four or five times.  I had no idea where I was going, and at one point I became completely lost while looking for "Gate N." None of the airport personnel helped me, and my only directions were on an iPhone that I'd borrowed from my aunt.  Once I realized I'd missed my flight (the fourth flight I'd been on in the dream) because I didn't find Gate N, I must have been so upset that I actually woke up.

I woke up again. I went to feed the dogs, but realized I'd neglected to thaw any meat for breakfast.  Now, every Thanksgiving we actually get the animals their own turkey.  As luck would have it, that turkey was nearly thawed, so I simply hacked it up a bit early and fed the dogs turkey for breakfast.  Jayne had wings, Talla had the neck and giblets, and Kaylee had what was left of the front of the turkey after I'd removed the breast meat.

Brought up some meat to thaw.

Decided that I needed a new metal grate for the raw beef bin. Ended up driving to the Indianola Theisens for it. Somehow got lost on the way home and ended up in Carlisle.

Got home, pureed some elk liver, put away some meat.  Brought up more meat to thaw and repackage, because the freezer is starting to look disorganized.  See?  Disorganized.

Took photos of the dogs. See? Photos.

Started watching The Hangover Part II. Steve found it at Walmart for $5.98, and couldn't resist buying it.  

Got bored, pureed some more liver.  Pork and elk this time.  Also repackaged some pork kidneys.  Played with Selma a bit. Continued repackaging meat.

.... uhhh, was still repackaging meat at this time.  Liver is gross.  Fed the dogs something bland for dinner, since they'd had a lot of rich snackies earlier in the day.  (When I repackage meat, I tend to take pieces of whatever I'm repackaging and give it to the dogs.  It's been a liver 'n' kidney kind of day.)

Finally finished with the meat.  Considered taking a shower to get the stank of liver off my skin.

Took a shower to get the stank of liver off my skin.

Suddenly realized I hadn't eaten anything all day.  Paleo is so weird - it's not uncommon to have no appetite for 12-48 hours when you're doing paleo. Ate some salsa chicken and a grapefruit.  Yum!

... watched reruns of Firefly the rest of the night.  :)

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