Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sing for your Dinner

It's been a fun evening...

Aryn and I did a home visit in Clive, then went to Trader Joe's and bought kale, cauliflower, fruit and assorted meats. I stopped at the obedience club to print the newsletter* and then headed home.  It was about 9pm by the time I got back to Prairie City.

* I have what I call a "chronic inablity to say No" which has resulted in me being the newsletter editor for the obedience club.  Among other things.

The dogs usually eat earlier in the evening, so they had worked themselves into a tizzy by the time I had their food prepared.  On the menu tonight was beef, elk liver, and turkey feet.  Once the turkey feet came out, Jayne decided that desperate times called for desperate measures.  I blame protection training for this... now, when he wants something really bad, he barks.  Barking eventually earns him a bite, so he apparently thought  barking at his bowl would eventually lead to a bite of another kind!

You get that meat, Jayne!  You get it!  Tell it who's boss!

Kaylee knows the true secret of being fed though... cute DoberTongues get you fed a lot faster than angry barking.

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