Tuesday, December 4, 2012

VFF Addiction

I should probably be ashamed.

Komodosport, Komodosport, Bikila, Speed.
Treksport, KSO, Trek, Lontra.
Spyridon, KSO.

I never intended to get this many pairs of shoes, though I must admit that I only paid full price for one or two pairs. I wait until they go on sale... I'm not a moron.  I'm done now though - I don't need any more.  (Though  I wouldn't be upset if somehow I ended up with a pair of Jayas.  White, size 40.  SHOOT, they're on sale at REI for $58.93!  Argh!)  I should point out that I do use each style for different activities though:

I usually wear these in the summer. They're versatile, so I can easily wear them out hiking or out to the store. They do get a bit toasty on extremely hot pavement though.

These are the ultimate all-purpose VFF, and the style I recommend to everyone as their first pair. I wear them everywhere.  The soles are a tad bit thicker than KSO soles, so they don't get hot in the summertime and mask the feel of sharp gravel much better.

I wear these on short hikes, and occasionally to work when I happen to be wearing black pants. TO be honest, the thick lugs on the toes of Treksports sometimes give me sore spots, so I wear these as infrequently as possible.  I do like them when I have to spend an entire day on dirt for an agility trial though - they get excellent traction.

These are leather, and the only reason I bought them was because they are leather.  This means I can wear them to work.  These are probably the least comfortable, least attractive pair of VFFs I own.  I don't like them, but they're a necessary evil. It doesn't help that they have Treksport soles, blech.  These are discontinued - so if you want a pair, be prepared to do a lot of online hunting.

These are my dedicated running VFFs. The sole is quite aggressive and feels different than any other VFF sole I've tried. I love them for running, but I'd imagine wearing them to Whole Foods would be feel strange.

Speeds are my favorite "fun" all-rounders.  I don't think I'd wear Speeds out on a hike, but that's only because I have other models better suited to getting dirty and nasty. These are based on the Bikila platform so they do have a tiny amount of arch support, but they're flexible and thin so you do get a decent amount of ground feel.  I like wearing these when I want to wear fun shoes but not instantly get noticed for wearing "weird" shoes.

These will be my running shoes for times that I'm running on asphalt.  Spyridons can feel a bit lumpy on artificial (hard) surfaces, whereas the Bikilas feel smoother.  These are one of the more recent pairs I've bought, so I haven't had a chance to get to know them yet.
I'll pull these out when the weather gets really cold. They're designed for cold and wet weather, and are currently my only water-resistant pair of VFFs.  They're built on the Treksport platform (darn it!) but they do seem to fit well.  Of course, the temperature hasn't dropped below 50 degrees ever since I got them, so I haven't had a chance to test them out in arctic temperatures yet!

Anyway... yeah.  There's my spiel on one of my more ridiculous addictions.

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